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Meet Jason

In many ways, the story of Moss Technologies is the story of founder Jason Moss. Moss Technologies was officially founded in July 2016, but Jason has been providing SEO services for clients well before then, providing outstanding results all along the way. Jason is a seasoned SEO specialist. He understands the what, why and how to raise ranking for keywords in any market. He is honest, transparent, and loves helping his clients succeed so they can achieve their goals.

After years of working with clients in varied industries, we niched down to exclusively work with real estate investors to provide key and specific value for the unique challenges in this space. This niched focus allows MossTech to provide a higher quality of service, support, and results for our clients…regardless of their market.

Jason Moss - "The Architect"

Meet Danielle

Danielle (who also happens to be Jason’s wife), brings administrative and operational strength to the MossTech ecosystem.

Danielle is extremely passionate about organization, processes, and operations. Her background is in new construction real estate where she managed online sales teams and whole sales departments.

Since joining Moss, she has played an active role in elevating the operational side of MossTech, greatly improving processes and efficiencies in order to provide a higher level of service to our clients. Her work has created (and continues to provide) an ecosystem that allows for a higher level of personalized SEO strategy and reporting while we grow.

Her mission is to continue to enhance our clients experience to ensure the highest ROI possible.

Danielle Laurette - "The Operator"

When you work with MOSS, you can expect:

Growth -

Everything we put out hands to in your business has one connecting theme…growth. We want your business to grow, and our services help you do so. 

Experience -

Years of experience and knowledge about how to improve ranking is baked into our services. When you partner with Moss, you are partnering with an experienced SEO service provider.

Honesty -

We genuinely love to help our clients succeed, and being honest with you is one of our core values. The SEO agency industry has it’s fair share of service providers who hide behind the “unknowns” of SEO for their gain. That is not us. We are honest, upfront, and transparent. 

Strategy -

You cannot make gains in Search Engine Rank Position (SERP) without intentionality. A solid strategy is crucial. We help our clients develop a strategy that meets their goals and unique markets. 

Collaboration -

Over the years, we’ve discovered that the best results we’ve been able to achieve were for our clients who were present and collaborative with us. Even though our services are fully-catered and hands-off on your part, we need your input, buy-in, and interaction with us.  


Our clients see high ROI when they work with us. We help you get in front of more sellers, so you can buy more properties. However, it is important to have realistic expectations. Remember, SEO is a long-term game and your ROI has to be viewed with a realistic timeframe. Clients who understand that real results take time, are the clients who see that big ROI.


Core Values  

We Believe In Unimpeachable Character

We Are Digital Marketing Mavens

We Are Relentlessly Committed to Success

We Promote Sincere Candor

We Honor Balance & Boundaries


Join our Community. 

REImagine Digital Marketing is our Facebook Group for new & seasoned REIs who may be crushing their market or just starting out!

The goal of this group is to help real estate investors with all the in’s and out’s of digital marketing, SEO, PPC, META/FB Ads, web design, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, lead generation, building credibility, & more.

Whether your website is built on Carrot, Minute Pages, WordPress, or you need help getting a site set up, feel free to discuss everything here.

Please join in the discussion, share your knowledge, ask questions, don’t be shy, have fun, and let’s all help each other out as much as possible.


Client Reviews

"We get some of our highest ROI from Moss."

Occasionally you’ll meet someone who is uniquely skilled in their field. That person for me in the realm of SEO/SERP Rankings, is Jason Moss. I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars with him under the promise that he would get me to #1 for a term in a competitive niche. He did it faster than quoted. Jason is someone I’m honored to have take my money every month. We get some of our highest ROI on what he does for us.
Ryan Dossey
Investor / Mentor / Entrepreneur
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"Best marketing spend to date!!"

The off market buying industry is among the most competitive in terms of SEO ranking. Many claim to be professionals in the ranking world, but few are- one of those few is Jason Moss. Brand exposure for credibility is essential, and Moss's swift work to elevate our rankings gave more sellers the confidence to trust our brand- resulting in more deals. He now handles SEO for two of our operations and we couldn't speak more highly of his abilities. Best marketing spend to date!!
Cory Adkinson
Managing Partner
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"Nobody does it better..."

You want a specialist or a generalist?? Jason has mastered SEO versus someone who "does it all" At a time when every client is searching you on Google. Appearing at the top of the list from an organic search establishes clear credibility and the leading authority figure for whatever business you are in Nobody does it better than Jason.
Jeremiah Dalton
Jeremiah Dalton
Investor / Entrepreneur
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