SEO for Real Estate Investors

Optimize your Carrot or WordPress site so sellers can find you.

SEO is a never-ending race. In order to build a positive brand reputation online, you have to think long-term. At MossTech, we optimize your webpages for the long-term success of your online reputation. We do the foundational work that produces long-term benefits, with active monthly adjustments to keep your growth on track.

You need someone who understands the algorithms on your side. Most experts estimate that Google changes its search algorithm around 500 to 600 times each year. Not each update is significant in how it affects results, but some do, and it’s important to have knowledge in your corner.


SEO is complicated. Our solutions are not. 

We provide comprehensive and fully-catered Search Engine Optimization for Real Estate Investors. Backed by years of experience, we know what it takes to get your webpages higher in search results for specific keyword phrasing. Regardless of your local market, we have a proven track-record of helping our clients land on the first page of a search with a high-success rate.

Whether your site is built with Carrot or WordPress, we can help! We’ll handle the details so you can just run your business.

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Website Optimization

Our SEO + SERP Solutions include:
  • Title Tags
  • Internal Linking
  • Google Analytics
  • GBP Optimizations
  • GBP Posts
  • Backlink Audits
  • Link Building
  • Data Aggregators
  • Press Releases
  • Content Distribution
  • Keyword Research
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Schema Markup
  • Search Console
  • GBP Management
  • On-page Audits
  • Technical Audits
  • Local Listings
  • Guest Posts

Ongoing Reporting

Every client receives intentional and thorough reports and analysis every month.

SEO is confusing and we want to ensure that you are able to understand the process with us.

Monthly Keyword Ranking Report

Every month, we'll analyze your keywords and how they are performing within your market, and adjust as needed based on our findings.

Monthly Video Review

Covering actions taken, improvements (wins), and focus for the next month (opportunities for growth/improvement)

Quarterly Competitive Review

Every quarter, we'll perform some comparative analysis with your competition to ensure that our strategies are on track to get your results to the top!


Client Reviews

"We get some of our highest ROI from Moss."

Occasionally you’ll meet someone who is uniquely skilled in their field. That person for me in the realm of SEO/SERP Rankings, is Jason Moss. I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars with him under the promise that he would get me to #1 for a term in a competitive niche. He did it faster than quoted. Jason is someone I’m honored to have take my money every month. We get some of our highest ROI on what he does for us.
Ryan Dossey
Investor / Mentor / Entrepreneur
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"Best marketing spend to date!!"

The off market buying industry is among the most competitive in terms of SEO ranking. Many claim to be professionals in the ranking world, but few are- one of those few is Jason Moss. Brand exposure for credibility is essential, and Moss's swift work to elevate our rankings gave more sellers the confidence to trust our brand- resulting in more deals. He now handles SEO for two of our operations and we couldn't speak more highly of his abilities. Best marketing spend to date!!
Cory Adkinson
Managing Partner
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"Nobody does it better..."

You want a specialist or a generalist?? Jason has mastered SEO versus someone who "does it all" At a time when every client is searching you on Google. Appearing at the top of the list from an organic search establishes clear credibility and the leading authority figure for whatever business you are in Nobody does it better than Jason.
Jeremiah Dalton
Jeremiah Dalton
Investor / Entrepreneur
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We’ve also been featured in:

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Request a FREE SEO Audit

#1: Submit your website

#2: We’ll perform a comprehensive audit of your website and your overall brand visibility.

#3: We’ll followup to discuss our findings and present a clear roadmap on how to improve your ranking.


Yes. While in the past, we worked with all types of people & businesses, today we work 100% exclusively with real estate investors, cash home buyers, & wholesalers. 

By optimizing your website and online presence for relevant keywords, we can help increase your visibility in search engine results, making it more likely that potential sellers searching for a cash home buyer will find your website.

Additionally, we can use tracking and analytics tools to monitor your website's performance and identify areas for improvement to help increase your chances of converting website visitors into leads.

The time it takes to see results from SEO can vary depending on your website's current performance, the competitiveness of your target keywords, and the quality of your content/copywriting.

However, it's not uncommon to see significant improvements in visibility and website traffic within 3-6 months of starting an SEO campaign.

The implementation of our strategy & tactics is second to none, but it still takes time. 


No. While the majority of our REI clients do have a Carrot website, it's not required. We work on Minute:Pages, WordPress websites, & HTML sites as well.

Yes, we will work with you to gather information & identify the specific locations where you are looking to buy properties and target those areas with our SEO efforts.

This can include targeting specific keywords related to those locations, as well as building location-specific landing pages and other location-based optimization strategies.

While we cannot guarantee specific rankings, we can guarantee that we will work diligently to improve your website's visibility and drive targeted traffic to your site from search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, & Youtube.

Additionally, we will provide you with regular analytics and reporting so you can see the progress we are making.

The number of backlinks we build every month varies greatly & overall, is not a good metric for success. 

It's better to focus on the quality & topical relevance of the backlinks.

We build many types of links including social profiles, citations/directories (geo, niche, & general), guest posts, blog posts, web 2.0, local blog sites, press releases, & more. 

Our SEO strategy even takes advantage of alternative link opportunities from blogs, videos, images, Google Map embeds, & more.


Our SEO agency specializes in providing SEO services specifically tailored to you, the real estate investor, who is looking to buy houses for cash. This includes keyword research, on-page optimization, content creation, link building, and ongoing analytics and reporting to help increase visibility and drive targeted traffic to your website.

It's hard to say for sure, but if your other marketing is profitable and working, there's no reason to stop it.

Whether your marketing efforts are focused online (PPC, Google Ads, Social Media, Facebook/Meta Ads) or offline (bandit signs, direct mail, cold calling, TV, radio ads, etc.) they greatly complement SEO and can amplify your overall results.

Professionalism, transparency, & clarity are good ways of explaining our service. We've been doing SEO for several years now and have seen hundreds of changes with Google's algorithm updates. Through it all, we've maintained client rankings, boosted conversions, and kept our customers in the loop at the same time.

Absolutely.  We can guarantee that if you keep doing the same things you're doing right now you'll keep getting the same results.  

We can also guarantee that if you're looking for a reason for something not to work, you'll probably find it.  But if you're looking for a way to get results and win, you'll probaby find it. 

What we do promise is to execute our proven strategies and systems to the best of our ability, putting your website in the best position possible for results with fully transparent reporting. 

We want to work with REIs that are willing to invest in their business & their success.

Simply put, we require a 12-month commitment because SEO takes time to implement & take effect. 

We have a proven track record and our average client is with us for 2.5+ years. 

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