Top 10 Real Estate Answering Services

Looking for the best real estate answering services? Well we’ve done the hard work & researched the top live answering companies that work with real estate professionals like realtors, brokers, real estate agencies, & real estate investors.

There are many options out there in the marketplace and we advise doing your due diligence before hiring anyone. Many of these companies we’ve either worked with directly or our clients have and provided feedback to us.

If you’re specifically looking for an answering service for your real estate investing business then we HIGHLY RECOMMEND using Call Porter. They are the only answering company that works with real estate investors EXCLUSIVELY, so all their processes, scripts, and employees are laser trained and focused on delivering the best results possible.

Check out the Leaderboard below, see all the different answering companies, vote up your favorite service, and add one to the list if we’ve missed one.

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  • SignMore provides 24/7 people-first solutions for real estate success. Day or night, SignMore’s property-focused receptionists are here to handle your calls, schedule your appointments, qualify your leads and manage your live chats.

    SignMore is fully dedicated to helping property businesses grow and provides a range of top-rated services including;

    Call answering: SignMores property-focused agents answer your calls professionally 24/7/365. 

    Lead qualification: SignMore’s agents collect caller information and ask qualifying questions based on your criteria to qualify your leads. 

    Appointment scheduling: SignMore integrates with your calendar to schedule appointments with your qualified leads. 

    Live chat: SignMore allows you to add lie chat to both your website and your Facebook page to help capture and qualify your leads. 


    Never Lose A Deal Again

    Live Call Answering For Real Estate Investors

    Let Our Professionally Trained, U.S. Based Reps
    Qualify, Screen & Schedule Your Inbound Seller Leads

    Trusted by More than 150 Real Estate Investing Companies

    For Investors Who Hate Losing Deals

    Call Porter Is The World’s Only Live Answering Service & Lead Management System Built Exclusively For Real Estate Investors Who Want To Buy And Sell More Properties – Without Working Harder Or Being Glued To The Phone  

    Built By Investors, For Investors

    First Impressions Can Make or Break a Deal – Call Porter’s Staff Are All Expertly Trained In All Aspects of Real Estate And Work Exclusively With Real Estate Investors.

    Ready To Grow Your Real Estate Investing Business?

    Call Porter Was Built Exclusively For Investors Who Never Want To Miss Another Deal

    In Just 48 Hours You’ll Have Our Fleet of Professionally-Trained Real Estate Experts
    Handling All Your Inbound Calls So You Can Focus On Investing, Closing Deals
    And Growing Your Business

    Live Answering Service

    24/7/365 live call answering services that help your business sound its best.

    Greet Every Caller with a Fast Answer and Friendly Service

    Turn more callers into customers, provide better service for your clients and improve your team’s ability to focus and be productive.

    24/7 Call Answering

    In today’s world, prospective customers and current clients expect to be able to reach someone anytime the need arises. If your business is still trying to operate with limited weekday hours – or if you’re finding yourself unable to answer the phone every time it rings, let us help you go truly 24/7/365 with our live answering service.

    Flexible Call Handling

    We’ll help you customize how your calls are answered so you get the type of support you need, and you can use our answering services in the way that makes sense for you  – from full-time to just sometimes.

    Our receptionists work just like an in-office receptionist, transferring calls when you’re available and taking messages when you’re not.

    Powerful Apps

    With our web and mobile apps, you’ll be amazed how similar your answering service experience is to the one you’d have with an in-office receptionist. Update your status to instantly change how receptionists are handling your calls, and receive emails, texts and push notifications that keep you updated.

    And with our library of integrations, we can even complete tasks directly in the software you use for scheduling, lead collection, order processing and more.

    A Lot More Than Just Answering the Phone

    Many answering services provide what is basically a human equivalent of voicemail, but at PATLive, we’ve worked hard to build an answering service with robust capabilities that allow our virtual receptionists to work as a seamless extension of your business, so callers will think they’re speaking with a member of your team, not your answering service.

    Explore All We Can Do for You

    24/7 call answering services that help your business make a great impression on every call.

    Meet Ruby.

    The live virtual receptionist and chat company trusted by over 13,000 small business owners with their most important asset: their customers.

    • Grow your business.

    • Deliver personalized experiences.

    • Build customer loyalty.

    • Stay connected anywhere, anytime.

    Live Virtual Receptionists & Chat 24/7/365.

    Ruby’s here to answer your calls and connect with your website visitors, so you can focus on your business. We never call in sick. We never go on vacation. We are always on.

    Live call answering.

    From full-time to just-when-you-need-it, Ruby’s Virtual Receptionists have got you covered – making the most out of every customer conversation.

    Ruby can work as a full-time extension of your team. Call answering, routing and transferring, customer intake, messages, and more are all included.

    You'll love the Ruby app.

    Set your availability and preferences.

    Change call handling instructions at any time.

    Manage your Ruby activity.

    Call and text from your Ruby-hosted business number in-app.

    Optimized for iPhone and Android.

    Real people in the people business.

    Ruby’s awards, recognition, and unprecedented growth all come down to one thing: our culture of people-powered goodness.

    Try Ruby Today

    Call and talk to a live Virtual Receptionist. Hear why 13,000+ companies  Ruby.

    Friendly Virtual

    The Answering Service Solutions You Need


    Our team of professional, US based receptionists will ensure every one of your calls is answered with a smile.


    Forward your business calls only when you don't answer – or forward all your calls. We're on standby as much or little as you need us!


    Following up on leads and rescheduling past customers is now a breeze. Send us a long list to call – or just send them one at a time. 


    Let us fill up your calendar with appointments! We can schedule with an online link or login to one of our approved calendar partners.


    We create a positive first impression on every call with every customer! We're all about creating that WOW customer experience!


    Get instant alerts on calls with our Jill's Office app & web portal. See a full report of what happened and reply if you need us to call back. 

    Fueled by donuts & caffeine to constantly
    WOW your customers with our sweet charm!

    Want to be sure we can do what you need?

    for your answering service needs?

    You like making more money.

    Check out our affordable pricing!

    You like saving money.

    Watch how roofer

    saves $20,000 per year in operating costs by using Jill's Office.

    You like making more money.

    Watch how carpet cleaner made an additional $885 in his first week of forwarding calls to Jill's Office.

    You need confidence in who is answering your phones.

    Watch how business owners hesitated to use a call service until they found Jill's Office.

    The Jill's Office Virtual Receptionist Difference​​​​​​

    Meet some of our Jill's Office receptionists 

    100% US Based

    100% real people (no robots are hired)

    100% care about YOUR business

    Show Me the Free Demo

    Join the SMART Business owners who are 

    Window Cleaner explains how he loves the flexibility to answer his calls when he's available – but forward them over to Jill to schedule appointments when he can't get to the phone.

    Business Owner shares how Jill's Office has consistently brought him an 8 fold return every month by answering his calls and helping with his customer follow-up sequence.

    Marketer more than doubles schedule rate for medical clients with his "secret weapon" (Jill's Office!)

    Our receptionists are trained in the software you use! 


    I love being a Jill because I love knowing that I am helping other people grow their businesses! It's great to know that by taking on the role of their receptionist I am making it possible for them to focus on what they love to do, and help them make even more money!


     I love being a Jill because of the personal fulfillment I get from helping clients take their businesses to the next level and from being able to help their customers every day. I love knowing that we are making their lives just a little easier so they can focus on better serving their customers.


    I love being a Jill's Office receptionist because I know we help make our clients' lives easier and more organized and at the end of the day they can spend more time with their families!

    Real Estate Answering Services

    At AAA Communications Inc, your real estate office calls will get answered 24/7/365 by a live, customer-service specialist.


    Keeping agents connected to buyers and sellers.

    Whether it is day or night, someone is always looking for a home. As a professional in the real estate industry, your sales are directly tied to your availability to your clients. You never know when that call will come in but you sure don’t want to miss it. AAA Communications offers reliable options to keep you connected to buyers and sellers.

    No matter if you are an individual agent or part of an agency, your calls are a vital piece of the puzzle in your business. Whether it’s an inquiry on a rental property, a new home, or an open lot, you tend to get a steady flow of calls. What happens if a prospective buyer calls in and you are on another call? Will the caller leave a message including their contact information or will they call someone else until they reach a live person. It can be impossible to answer every call when you are managing multiple listings, attending open houses, conducting showings, coordinating closings, and not to mention all of the other aspects that are required to run your business. AAA Communications can help keep you on the move. By allowing our live operators to answer your calls, you can make sure you don’t miss another potential money call. Our operators are industry-trained and answer your calls promptly. This gives your real estate business a better way to track your calls.

    Real estate answering service is customized to meet your needs. You have complete access to your account through the online remote access tool. You can monitor you account, track your messages, update your call script, and more…right from where you are…in the office or on the go.

    We know real estate is more than clients looking to purchase a new home or sell their current one. Investors, developers, and brokerage firms play a big role in this industry and with our 24 hour answering service, you can stay in constant communication with all of your contacts.

    Real Estate Answering Service

    The search for a new home or office space continues around the clock. Buyers expect to speak with someone on their schedule. The agent who responds first wins the business. Let us help you win. Our real estate answering service connects those buyers to you 24/7.

    How Real Estate Answering Service Works

    Call forward your phones to a dedicated number at our call center anytime you wish. Our virtual receptionists answer in your company name and follow your call handling instructions. We can screen and connect calls to you, send information via text or email, schedule appointments, or take messages.

    How Real Estate Answering Service Works

    • Live receptionist—Have a showing? No problem, we have you covered.

    • Property Management Answering Service—Leasing and maintenance calls

    • Sales teams—We can rotate sales leads or reach the on-call agent

    • Schedule showings—We’ll schedule the prospective buyer, you close the deal

    What can an answering service do for your business?

    Download our free infographic to see how an answering service can improve business results.

    Grow Your Business. Never Miss Another Listing.

    Maximize your marketing dollar using our real estate answering service. Capturing and connecting phone leads 24/7.

    Answering Service for Real Estate Investors

    Use MAP Communications call center for real estate investors to streamline productivity and capture leads from motivated sellers.

    Qualifying Leads and Scheduling Follow-Ups is Easy with a Live Answering Service for Real Estate Investors

    Customized Call Scripts for Personalized Solutions

    MAP Communications Phone Answering Service for Real Estate Investors – An Empathetic Ear During Times of Distress

    Try MAP Communications Real Estate Investor Call Center Now

    Why Choose MAP?

    • Fastest pick-up times in the industry

    • Professional and courteous receptionists

    • Specialized call screening

    • Emergency response specialists

    • Your own nationwide 800 number

    • Voicemail and IVR services

    • In-house IT Dept

    • Custom account and software design

    • Dynamic online account access

    • Interface with your company website

    • Advanced on-call roster services

    • Online account analytics


    Real Estate Answering Service

    Our real estate answering services are utilized by busy real estate professionals nationwide, freeing up their time to evaluate opportunities and close more deals.

    Don’t rely on voicemail

    Customers are tired of being stuck with automated voicemail systems. In the highly competitive real estate business, allowing your customers to reach a live person quickly is just what you need to set your organization apart. Our real estate answering service is available 24/7 and guarantees that every phone call made to your business will be answered by a real person.

    Improve your responsiveness

    CMS has provided real estate answering services for over 40 years and has taken thousands of calls from home and business owners looking to buy and sell property. Many of these callers are looking to make a decision quickly and having them sent to voicemail is a disadvantage to your business. The majority of callers that are put into voicemail will hang up and move on to your competition until they reach a live person. CMS gives your business the competitive edge by providing skilled call center agents to field your live calls.

    Personalized to your needs

    Every aspect of our real estate answering service is customizable, from the way we answer the phone to the information gathered on your behalf. 100% customizable real estate scripting allows CMS to collect the specific information you’re looking for. Whether dealing with sellers, buyers, cash investors, loan modifications, or mitigation inquiries, we can develop a script that fits your business. Messages can be delivered via text message, email, fax, or phone call, and instructions can vary based on the time of day.

    Want calls sent to you via text in the evening but held overnight? That’s not a problem at all. Our goal is to provide your real estate business with a seamless answering service that meshes perfectly with your existing workflow and makes your life easier, not create another business process that needs micromanaged every step of the way.

    Additional real estate services

    Real Estate Answering Services

    Live operators available on demand.

    Real Estate Customer Service

    Better customer service, lower costs.

    Real Estate Virtual Receptionist

    Answering as an extension of your office.

    Real Estate Lead Processing

    We handle the leads. You work on closing.

    Real Estate Call Center



    Advanced Answering Service’s real estate answering service ensures that you never miss a phone call from a prospective buyer or seller. Our live operators answer phone calls to your real estate phone lines 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
    Many callers object to voicemail and hang up when voicemail answers.


    As an independent real estate agent or local real estate agency, you are often torn between needing to service your current clients and answering calls from new clients. Our real estate answering service can give you extra time to locate properties for buyers, create listings for sellers, take buyers on tours, and create ads that bring buyers to you.


    Our real estate answering service can boost your revenues by giving your business the image of a highly successful, professional operation. Here are some of the ways we do it:

    • Unusually Competent, Well-Trained Live Operators – Our live real estate answering service hand picks its operators and then trains them to give white-glove service to your callers. They are patient, respectful, and efficient, giving all callers as much time as they need.

    • Careful Prequalifying of Callers – Our real estate answering service can use a brief list of questions you’ve written to prequalify your callers. When you know what type of property or area of town or price range a caller is looking for, you can look up a few properties to use as teasers when you call them back or, if you have a multiple-agent office, you can use the information to determine which agent should call the person back.

    • Precise Recording of Messages – Operators in our real estate answering service record every detail of your caller’s contact information accurately, and double check the accuracy before following up with you.

    • Message Follow-Up The Way You Want It – You tell our real estate answering service how you want to receive your message information – by immediate call to your cell phone, home phone, office phone or pager or by email, fax, or text message to your mobile device. If you want to define different types of follow-up for different types of callers, we can do that.


    Our real estate answering service is very economical, especially when you consider the results. Investing in a superior real estate answering service like ours can be a huge factor in real estate success you’ve dreamed of. Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, our real estate answering service can answer your calls the same way, maybe better, than a dedicated telephone answering service receptionist. Tell us how you want it done, and it will happen.

    Advanced Answering Service’s real estate answering service is known for its excellence. It’s a 5-star, white-glove service. We have the best-trained live operators, very fast telephone pick-up, advanced call answering technologies, low-cost pricing, and flexibility to customize our telephone answering service plans.

    For more detail on our real estate telephone answering service, call us now: 1-800-610-3002

    Real estate answering service.

    Home buying sales advantage: the aroma of freshly baked cookies. Customer service sales advantage: SAS. No oven required.

    What We Can Do.

    With over 300 agents based in the continental United States, our real estate answering service team is adept at handling upwards of 30,000 inbound calls daily. Our agents understand the dynamics of the real estate business, and we are able to deliver that “personal touch” that will keep you competitive.

    • Scheduling Appointments: We can seamlessly integrate into your online calendar management software to schedule in-office appointments, open houses, property visits and more. We will immediately notify you or your staff of any appointment modifications or cancellations so that you can make the appropriate arrangements. In a fast-paced industry where appointments are often made on the fly, this will help to eliminate no-shows and miscommunication, and guarantee that you always know where to be and when to be there. In addition, we can provide lockbox information for real estate professionals who are scheduled to see a particular property.

    • Lead Capture: What’s the most important element in lead capture? Rapid response. You are 6 times more likely to secure a client when their call is returned within 30 minutes of being placed. We know that every call into your business is a chance to acquire new clients and boost revenue. That is why we make prompt service a priority. Our agents work diligently to answer every call within 3 rings or less, ensuring that callers stick with your agency over the competition. Messages will be relayed to you promptly via phone, text, email, or pager, so that you can respond to clients’ requests in a timely manner.

    • 24/7 Availability: While the majority of people in the market for a home will call your office during regular business hours, from time to time they need to contact you in the evening or on weekends. Our after hours phone service is on duty around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter when clients call your business, we have you covered.

    • Bilingual Support: The U.S. is becoming more and more diverse every day, and your business must be prepared to assist non-English speaking clientele. We offer a team of bilingual operators who are fluent in both English and Spanish. The more people you can communicate with, the faster your business will grow.


    The Benefits.

    Did you know that 81% of companies who deliver strong customer service outperform their competitors? Making clients feel valued is the advantage you need to succeed. We can make that happen. We are your partners in client support solutions. Allowing our staff to work for you gives you the time to focus on what matters the most: running your business.

    • Professional Staffing: Presenting a professional image is essential in the real estate business. When it comes to customer care, there is no margin for error. Our professionals will work with you to create an in-call script, customizing the message and image you wish to convey. We will follow your protocols and procedures for proper call handling, and we will embody your brand so well that clients will think they are speaking directly to you. Current and prospective clients will know that you are committed to providing them with impeccable service. 

    • Reduced Costs: Our services are straightforward. Month-to-month contracts and per-minute billing mean you will only pay for the operator time you use. There is no need to hire or train additional staff, or purchase expensive equipment to handle client calls. We take care of that for you, and that translates to a significant reduction in administrative costs. Without the burden of busy phones, you and your employees will be able to use time more effectively.

    • 2-Week Free Trial: We are so confident in our services that we invite you to try us out free for 2 weeks. There are no hidden fees or gimmicks, and no obligation to sign up once your trial period ends. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

    Find out how superior customer care can help improve the image and success of your real estate agency and get started on our 2-week free trial. Once you start, you will wonder how you ever got along without us! Specialty is the leading business phone answering service for real estate agencies, giving you the advantage you need to get a leg up on your competitors.

    Get Started

    We’re ready to help you help your small business. Our real estate answering service is free for 14 days, and there’s no commitment or credit card required. Sign up and give it a try!


    • 24 hour virtual office provider

    • Always live even after hours

    • Perfect for real estate investors

    • Use as a lead capture service

    • Ideal for small businesses

    • Professional receptionists

    • Secure call center location

    • Real estate call center services available

    • Local or toll phone numbers included

    • Free 14 day trial

    • Priced just right starting at $34/mo


    • Listen to a sample telephone call

    • Download a sample script

    See Our Pricing

    Explore real estate industry growth trends to see why you need the best real estate answering service representing your company.

    With the power of Specialty’s live operator solutions, we can deliver the future of home buying and property renting together. From scheduling your next showing by accessing your calendar in real time to connecting you with a prospective buyer ready to make a bid, you’ll find out quickly how our live answering service can help you make real estate transactions an end-to-end customer experience. Connect with other agents, build loyalty, and stay organized with one of our virtual receptionists keeping you on track. Check out the statistics below to see why in this growth industry, having a real human being answering your calls is more important than ever.

    See How Other Real Estate Agencies Are Using SAS.

    See how 4 real estate agencies, ranging from low volume users to heavy hitters, are using our answering service. The report includes a breakdown of FAQs, scripting, types of phone calls received and answered live, average volume, and average monthly phone answering service cost.

    24/7/365 Live Answering
    100% U.S.-Based Agents
    America's #1 Answering Service


    24/7/365 live answering means you’re never closed. Don’t send your business to a voicemail box.


    Give customers personal attention without adding personnel. We’re always there when you need us.


    Make sure every call gets handled, because every call could be your next customer.




    The most extensive and comprehensive agent training in the industry for superior call-handling.


    Our award-winning software empowers us to exceed your expectations and makes your business look better.


    Our 100% U.S.-based agents—supported by the custom scripts you want them to follow—handle calls the way you would.


    From large metro areas to more rural cities, VoiceNation offers industry leading call answering nationwide.


    Get the incredible VoiceNation experience on the go with our free mobile app.

    • Track your minutes in real time.

    • Make calls through the app with your VoiceNation number

    • View calls and messages in one place

    • Sort, filter and tag calls

    • View, archive and delete existing messages

    • Generate valuable insight with reports and analytics

    • Compatible with all mobile devices

    #1 Nationwide Answering Service

    From large metro areas to more rural cities,
    VoiceNation offers top-rated live answering service nationwide.

    • Atlanta

    • Los Angeles

    • New York

    • Houston

    • Miami

    • Orlando

    • Naples

    • Chicago

    • Las Vegas

    • Philadelphia

    • Charlotte

    • Dallas

    • Beverly Hills

    • Irvine

    • Jacksonville

    • Denver

    • San Francisco

    • Washington, D.C.

    • Phoenix

    • Birmingham

    • Boca Raton


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