Top 5 Real Estate Investment Software In 2024

There’s a ton of good real estate investment software on the market today, but which software is the best? Has the best reviews? Best support? Best pricing model?

Well, those are just some of the questions we try to answer here today.

Check out the Leaderboard below because those will be the best real estate software for investors. Vote up your favorite one and add one to the list if we’ve missed any.

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  • The #1 Marketing CRM For Wholesalers & Real Estate Investors Ready To Automate Their Business & Close More Deals!

    No Tool Available Provides This Much Value!…Just $49

    The most powerful, yet simple-to-use tool built for investors! Effortlessly market to leads, follow-up & close more deals… Welcome to the future of real estate investing!

    Our Software Turns Leads Into Deals Effortlessly!

    Control Your Sales Pipeline Like A CEO Utilizing The Most Powerful “Multi-Channel” Marketing Sequences & Done-For-You Marketing Campaigns Ever Developed For Real Estate Investors

    Unlimited Websites & Landing Pages

    Getting Your Business Online Has Never Been Easier… Our Powerful Software Let's You Build Beatiful and Optimized Websites With the Click of A Button!

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      1-Click Buildouts

      Choose from one of our professionally designed templates and launch your own website with the click of a button!

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      Easy-to-Use Page Builder

      No complicated coding involved. Easy to use drag & drop editor, so you can customize your websites and funnels however you'd like, or use our "Done for You" templates!

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      Lead Capture & Follow Up

      Your website uses our built-in forms, so your seller leads automatically go into your account and can be placed into any follow up campaign! 

    Pre-Installed Campaigns Built for Investors

    Our next level motivated seller lead campaigns have been developed by veteran investors that have spent thousands of dollars perfecting their follow up process!

    Automated Follow Up Emails & SMS

    Your account will be filled with pre-built follow up campaigns to make sure you don't let any leads slip through the cracks!

    Complete Control

    Want to customize campaigns based on your business needs? Our easy to use automation builder lets you create and tweak any campaign how you like.

    Multi-Touch Marketing

    Now you can schedule and send a text, voice message, email, and live call sequence all on autopilot.

    rei reply software crm

    For Investors, Agents & Brokers

    Most Trusted Provider of Real Estate Information

    PropStream® is the most trusted provider of comprehensive real estate data nationwide. We empower real estate investors with the data, investor tools, and marketing solutions needed to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the game.

    Identify Leads

    Determine the right market to grow your business by searching over 153 million properties nationwide:

    • Locate fresh properties within your target market
    • Find and create prospect lists with 100+ targeting criteria
    • Identify property owners who are motivated to sell

    Research Properties

    Easily search and evaluate properties to see if they match your investment goals:

    • Gather market insight from comprehensive property data and neighborhood trends
    • Immediate access to market values and potential profits
    • Instantly generate comps from the most current and accurate data from MLS sales and county recordings

    Market To Your Leads

    Build targeted marketing lists to reach more leads, book more meetings and close more deals – with less work:

    • Reach your prospects through customizable marketing tools
    • Find your next customer – before they even know they’re in the market
    • Track your marketing activities and stats


    Simplify Your Processes – PropStream consolidates real estate data from across the U.S., in a simple easy-to-use solution. If you need real estate property data – we have that. Need comps – we have that too, and so much more! All within the same solution.

    Cost-Effective – Save time and money with an all-in-one solution. You no longer have to pay for or access multiple providers for the data and tools you need. 

    Data That Fits Your Goals – No matter your goals, if you are a wholesaler, real estate investor, landlord, buy and hold investor, fix-and-flipper, or you’re an Agent or Broker looking for the next deal – we have the data you want.

    Knowledgeable Customer Support Team – Go ahead, try to stump us. Our data experts can assist you with everything from getting started and how to do something to PropStream best practices and tips & tricks.

    [KEEP READING] Also check out our full, comprehensive Propstream Review

    The Real Estate Investor & Wholesaling Software To Help You Scale


    We believe that quality software is the game changer for real estate investors

    DealMachine is the highest rated real estate investor software for lead generation on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, with 4.8 average on both stores with over 2000 combined reviews.

    Individually powerful. Together unstoppable. 

    Start with one of DealMachine's software plans:

    Add more plans any time


    Driving for Dollars

    Driving for dollars software to build your own unique list of properties.

    Lowest cost leads, greatest ROI.Mobile Maps
    Real-Time Routes
    Recruit & Manage Drivers
    Smart Property Filters

    Start Driving for Dollars

    Real Estate Investing Lead Lists

    List Builder

    Build real estate lead lists for a flat-fee from county, lender & sales data.

    Faster leads. Requires more marketing.Advanced Filtering & Searching
    Smart Lists
    Drawn Map Lists
    Preforeclosures and more

    Start Real Estate Investor Leads

    All Plans Include:


    Real Estate Data

    Research individual properties and get in touch with accurate data.

    County Records
    Mortgage Balances
    Pre foreclosures

    Learn Real Estate Data

    Batch Skip Tracing

    Skip Tracing

    Dig deeper to find property owner phone numbers & contact info.

    Cell phones
    Connected Status
    Caller ID
    Emails and addresses

    Learn Batch Skip Tracing


    Direct Mail Marketing

    Send direct mail instantly & repeat mailers.

    Customizable design
    Property image
    Ballpoint pen letters
    ROI Tracker

    Learn Direct Mail for Real Estate

    DealMachine Reviews

    Flipster Leads

    Prospective Sellers

    People who have lived in their homes for longer than average for their area. These leads are often ready to sell their houses.

    Absentee Owners

    Property owners who don’t live in the house. They are often burned-out landlords, ready to sell at deep discounts.

    Out-of-State Owners

    Like absentee owners, but more motivated to sell because they are too far away to deal with the property in person.

    Cash Buyers

    Investors and landlords who have paid cash for houses, and are likely to buy more houses in the future.

    Private Lenders

    Wealthy individuals who fund real estate deals at better rates (and with less hassle) than hard money lenders or banks.


    Houses currently going through the foreclosure process. These homeowners are highly motivated to sell to get the bank off their back and avoid foreclosure.

    High-Equity Leads

    Houses with a mortgage where the owners have over 90% equity. These sellers have more room to negotiate, and may accept a lower price.

    MLS Leads

    On-market leads usually only accessible to Realtors. Flipster filters the MLS for underpriced houses in your market and adds them to your dashboard.

    Craigslist Leads

    Off-market leads usually only accessible by manual search. Flipster automatically scrapes Craigslist for you daily, and compiles lists of motivated sellers in your area.

    For Sale By Owner

    Owners who choose to sell their homes without a Realtor. They are often open to negotiating with investors.


    Houses reclaimed by the bank. Banks sell these houses at a discount to get them off their books.


    Houses inherited after the owner dies. They often sell for cheap because the new owner doesn’t want to maintain them.


    Homeowners who have recently filed for bankruptcy. They are very motivated to sell.


    Houses owned by a couple who has filed for divorce. They often want to sell quickly to get cash and move on.

    Free & Clear Leads

    People who have paid off their mortgage. These sellers are typically older, and may sell below market value.

    Vacant Houses

    Houses that are sitting vacant and costing the owners money (taxes, insurance, etc), making them very motivated to sell.

    Upside Down

    Homeowners that owe more on the mortgage than the property is worth. These homes are short sale opportunities.

    Tax Delinquents

    Homeowners who are at least 2 years behind on their taxes. They are often distressed and ready to sell.

    Empty Nesters

    People who have owned their homes for over 30 years, and have high equity. These sellers may be looking to downsize, after their children have moved out.

    Specialty Liens

    Houses with involuntary liens (including federal, state, local, and tax liens). These owners are often distressed and motivated to sell.

    Vacant Lots

    Empty buildable lots that can be flipped to developers for profit.

    Discover opportunity in property and owner data

    Research residential and commercial properties using enhanced public records data.

    Connect with owners by phoneemailmailin-person and online.

    Discover properties & owners

    Lookup owners and properties

    As many as you want. With all the details you need.

    The world’s best list builder

    Mix, match and make 100’s of popular lists.

    Mobile app – take it with you

    As many as you want. With all the details you need.

    Understand the opportunity

    Know the property & owner

    The most comprehensive data available.

    Get inside your lists

    Deep insights into every audience you target.

    Visualize your market

    Heatmaps do what spreadsheets can’t.

    Real estate investing isn't easy, and no one gets rich quick

    But don’t work harder or longer than you have to. PropertyRadar saves experienced investors time and money with data driven features that align with their needs.

    Find off-market deals at scale (and automate it)

    Residential & commercial. Distressed & motivated. Flips & holds. Uncover hidden opportunities with our data.

    Comprehensive & enhanced public records

    All the enhanced property data & owner information to discover and connect with owners inside one platform.

    Targeting criteria that works like magic

    Mix, match, or make any off-market list you can think of, and some you haven’t. Combine our 200+ criteria with your expertise to target prospects with precision.

    We play well with others

    Easily integrate and build automations with the apps and services that drive your off-market prospecting individually and across teams.

    The contact info you need, when you need it

    Connect by phone, email, social media, by mail, or even in person.

    Skip tracing built-in

    Instantly purchase pre-matched owner phone numbers and email addresses.

    Web and mobile-app for connecting anytime, anywhere

    Access owner contact info at work, on the go, or while you’re standing out front.

    Lookup and connect in seconds

    Get a hot lead? See an interesting property? Easily find and contact the owner, with all the details you need.

    Drive for dollars like a pro

    Take comprehensive property data and owner info on the road with you.

    GPS optimized driving

    See the details on every property around you as you drive with our data visualization heatmaps.

    Collect off-market data and share with a team

    Add photos, take notes, and start workflows while out front. Everything is instantly shared with your team.

    More than just an app, an entire platform

    A moment in front of a property can trigger endless possibilities with 2000+ integrated apps and services.

    Multi-channel campaigns drive results

    Cut through the noise. Craft persistent campaigns that drive brand-impressions across online ads, email, voicemail, and direct mail.

    Spend more time closing deals, not licking stamps

    Free up your time by setting up campaign automations to send direct mail, voicemail, and email to prospects on-demand and automatically.

    Make, mix, and match popular marketing lists

    Start with popular lists and combine them in unique ways or apply your expertise with 200+ criteria to target your best prospects.

    Professional features ‍made for the Pro Investor

    • Comprehensive Property & Owner Data
    • Nationwide Search
    • Mix, Match, and Make 100’s of Popular Lists
    • Value, Equity & Comparables
    • Transaction History & Title Research
    • Powerful Investment Analysis
    • Power your Field Team with Mobile App Solutions
    • Visualize a Market Like a Data Scientist
    • Connect by Phone, Email and Online
    • Market to Lists with Direct Marketing Campaigns
    • Expert Partners to Help You Get it Done
    • Smart Automation & Integrations

    Analyze any investment property in seconds.

    Our software makes it easy to analyze rental properties, BRRRR’s, flips & multi-family buildings, estimate profits and find the best real estate deals.

    Accurate property analysis in just a few clicks:

    Import dozens of property data points.

    Quickly search for properties and import their description, list price, value & rent estimates, property taxes, photos and more. Or use our step-by-step wizard to enter the data manually.

    Customize precise deal parameters.

    Fill in your purchase price, financing, closing costs, rehab budget, rent roll and estimated expenses. Configure dozens of parameters to structure the exact deal you want.

    View detailed financial analysis and projections.

    Instantly view each property’s cash flow, cap rate, ROI, profit from sale, acquisition costs and more. Explore long-term cash flow projections for rentals & BRRRR’s, and profit projections for flips.

    Look up recent sales and rental comps.

    Browse recent sales comps, comparable rental listings and market statistics. Get after repair value (ARV) and rent estimates based on the unique characteristics of the property you’re analyzing.

    Calculate your max allowable offers to sellers.

    Use the offer calculator to figure out the highest price you can offer to make each deal work for you. Select from over a dozen criteria based on your unique investment approach.

    Create and share professional property reports.

    Export each property’s analysis, projections, comps and photos in one complete online or PDF report. Instantly share property reports with lenders, partners or clients. 

    Quickly analyze a wide range of real estate investments:

    Rental Properties

    Analyze buy & hold and rehab & hold rental properties, including house hacks.

    Airbnb's, VRBO's and Vacation Rentals

    Analyze Airbnb’s, VRBO’s, vacation, and other short-term rentals.

    BRRRR Properties

    Analyze properties you plan to buy, rehab, rent, refinance and repeat using the BRRRR method.

    Flips & Rehab Projects

    Analyze properties you plan to buy, rehab and flip for a profit.

    Multi-Family & Commercial Buildings

    Analyze residential, mixed-use, office, retail and other spaces.

    Wholesale Deals

    Analyze properties you plan to wholesale to other investors.

    The future of real estate investing is now.

    Confidently grow your real estate investing business… from finding leads to closing deals. From Start to Paycheck!

    Real Estate CRM

    Manage your properties, contacts, buyers and marketing campaigns.

    MLS Comparable Sales

    Sold prices, Sold dates. All 50 states, updated daily. 10 year history.

    Deal Anaylzer

    DEALPro analyzes every deal from every angle, providing you with the valuable information you need to make wise investment decisions.

    Quick Lookup

    Quickly research properties for owner and tax info, mortgage amounts, transaction history, comps, and more.

    Premium Phone # Search

    Locate owners faster with cell phone, landline and email search capability.

    On-going Education

    Comprehensive education geared to help you understand what you’re working with and how to make the most of it.

    Real Estate Software to help you Buy More Properties

    Download up to 5,000 leads per day of sellers, buyers or lenders. Put your business online with no-tech-required websites or drive for dollars like a Pro with our mobile app.

    Analyze Properties with the Power of the MLS

    All the data you need to make profitable decisions is at your fingertips, self-service 24/7. Simple but powerful – select the properties and we’ll do all the math. When you’re done, print to PDF. It’s really that easy.

    Flexible CRM – built for teams and solopreneurs

    Track your leads from contact to close! Assign leads to team members, delegate tasks, upload documents and collaborate. Customize it to suit your needs or use it out of the box.





    Highly Targeted Marketing Lists

    Get access to Tax Delinquents, High Equity, Free and Clear, Vacant, Divorce, Bankruptcy, Pre-Foreclosure, Foreclosure, IRS Liens, Tax Liens, HOA Liens, Mechanics Liens, Utility Liens, Cash Buyers, Mortgage & Tax Info, Estimated Value, Rent Estimates, and MUCH MORE!! THIS IS THE MOST ACCURATE DATA IN THE GAME!

    Nationwide MLS Access

    You no longer need to be a realtor for MLS access! We have full access to the MLS nationwide, along with data in NON-DISCLOSURE STATES! Get full Comp Reports and property values in seconds. Not to mention, all other MLS features!

    Skip Tracing

    You will be able to pull any of your lists, then immediately skip trace them! Only .12 per record to obtain phone numbers and emails for your lists! It doesn't matter how many hits per record it gives you, flat rate stays the same, and you will never pay twice for the same record! We’ve made sure that you’re only getting the highest quality and most accurate data.  

    Advanced Driving For Dollars

    Introducing The Most Advanced Driving For Dollars Technology Ever.. You can use the online platform to Drive For Dollars Virtually, or use the mobile app on the go. Combine these features with the best data in the game to dominate the market!

    Push Button Marketing

    Built in push button marketing campaigns, send direct mail, ringless voicemails, email campaigns, and create website landing pages instantly!(Built In Text Marketing Coming Soon)


    Cash Buyers

    Need Cash Buyers? Great! You can instantly access Cash Buyers within seconds. You’ll see what they are buying, how much they are paying, and much more. Also, our “Flipper List” will give you all the realtors working with investors in your market. Selling your investment properties just got easy.

    Virtual Invest

    Take your virtual real estate investing and wholesaling game to the next level! Go into any market and find the hottest areas, neighborhoods, and best returns/cashflow! Extremely detailed analytics and heat maps, this feature alone is worth the price of admission!

    Rehab Estimator

    We pull material and labor costs data from every market to make accurate repair estimates. Choose your level of rehab and more!

    World Class Support

    Need help with your order? Are you having trouble with setup? 

    Don’t worry, our world class support team is on stand-by to help you dominate the market and close more deals!  We can’t wait to assist you!

    Want to be added to this list? Click here to bring up our submission form. We will be in touch shortly with feedback.

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