Investor Carrot Tip #1 🥕 How To & Why You Need Your NAP In Your Footer

Here’s how to put your business NAP in the footer of your Investor Carrot website. What’s NAP? Why do this? How to do this? We show you step by step!

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Jason Moss:
What’s going on, guys? Jason Moss here. Today’s video is for all my real estate investors out there. This is specifically if you have an Investor Carrot website or if you’re looking to get an Investor Carrot website. This is going to be a series of at least 10 videos, but this first tip is how to put your NAP in the footer of your website. If you don’t know what the NAP is, we’ll just keep watching. Actually, I have a special guest today that’s going to go over everything with you and teach you. That special guest happens to be my beautiful wife. She’ll walk you through everything of what nap is, how to get it in the footer of your website, and why it is important as well. First off, if you don’t have an Investor Carrot website, see the description below. I’ll have a link for that. If you sign up using our link, send me the receipt, and I’ll give you access to our bonuses.

Jason Moss:
Also, most importantly, get in our Investor Carrot Facebook group. We have a brand new fan group that we are running ourselves, and we’re going to go over everything, how to do SEO properly for Investor Carrot, how to set up scripts, how to do different types of design, how to make certain blocks with the editor, how to do everything with Investor Carrot, how to get it set up and ranking in your local market. So I’ll put the link in the description for that below as well. So two things for you, get your Investor Carrot website. Get in the Facebook group. If you already have all of that, just keep on watching and let my wife take it away.

Danielle Moss:
Investor Carrot fans, today we’re going over how to add your NAP, which is your name, address, phone number to the footer of your website. As you can see, we’re on our site right now, and there is nothing down here. I’m going to show you how quick and easy it is to get this done, and teach you a little bit of magic that helps with your SEO. First off, we’re going to jump into your Carrot site and go under settings. We’re going to be working in this field box right here. So the first thing that we need is your name, address, and phone number in HTML code. Don’t worry. You do not have to be a genius to figure this one out. Hop on over to an HTML editor. I like to use, and then go ahead and type in your NAP. As you can see right here, it will automatically populate the code, but this next little step is where the magic happens.

Danielle Moss:
We now want to take this and link it to your Google My Business. If you do not have your Google My Business set up, stop right now, drop a comment below. We will help you get that taken care of because this is what makes all this worthwhile. So if you do have your Google My Business claimed, what you’re going to do, go ahead and get this highlighted, and pop over to your Google My Business. You’re going to hit the share button and copy this little link here. Pop back over to your editor. That’s still highlighted. Click insert link. Go ahead and paste that link in there and make that text bold because Google likes it.

Danielle Moss:
You now have it linked to your Google My Business. So go ahead, come over here. I like to do a little control A, control C. You’re going to copy the code that’s in this box. Pop back over to your Carrot site. Go ahead and paste that, hit safe. Then go over to your site and refresh for just a couple seconds until it pops in down there. As you can see on the second refresh, we now have our NAP listed in our footer and it is linked to our Google My Business. You guys are all set. Again, if you don’t have your Google My Business claimed, drop a comment below. We want that squared away for you guys ASAP. Any questions, of course, drop them in the comments too. Thanks, guys.

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