Investor Carrot Tip #10 🥕 Setup Single Or Multiple SMS Notifications

For some reason, setting up your SMS notifications gets MASSIVELY overlooked. Carrot does this automatically for whatever main number you enter for the business, but a lot of times that’s a landline or a non-textable number and you don’t even realize you’re not getting these SMS notifications. Also, maybe you want your SMS notifications going to your Acquisitions Manager instead of the main business line, or to multiple people. Here’s how to set it up all up…

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Jason Moss:

What’s up, everybody? Jason Moss here. Today, we have another Investor Carrot tip for you. And this is on how to set up your SMS or text notifications for all the leads that come in on your website… Something that’s very important to do, and you should 1000% be doing it. But a lot of people forget about it, so we’re going to teach you how to do that today. Before we do that, there are two things you need to do. The links are in the description below. First off, if you do not have an Investor Carrot website, please get one. You will be happy with one. Use our link, and once you’re done, send me the receipt. Once you do that, I’ll give you access to our bonuses.

Jason Moss:

Second of all, join our Facebook group. This is for Investor Carrot fans. If you have a website, if you’re on the fence about getting a website, you want to see what kind of conversations we have going on in here, this is a great place to be. We’re talking about SEO, design tips, how-tos, ways to get different leads, a whole bunch of different things. It’s a growing group and it’s a fun environment to connect with all those other Investor Carrot people… So hop into that group, but let’s hop into the content and get these SMS notifications set up properly.

Danielle Moss:

All right, Investor Carrot fans. We have a super easy tip on making sure that you are getting text notifications when leads fill out the form on your website. Now, there may be a couple of reasons that you want to go through these steps. Carrot does set you up immediately, once you have your site, to send notifications to whatever primary phone number you have on your website. They’re fabulous like that. However, that may be a call forwarding phone number or it may not be a number that goes to your acquisitions manager or someone that’s working your leads, or maybe you want the notifications to go to multiple people, yourself, and your acquisitions manager. We’re going to show you how to make those changes. So, first and foremost, we’re going to go to content, and then we’re going to click on forms. These notifications are triggered based on someone filling out the form on your website.

Danielle Moss:

Then we’re going to go into SMS notifications. Today, we’re going to be working specifically on our form, the “get an offer today,” so you’ll see us reference that back on this side. So Carrot, already, like I said, sets you up with that notification going to your main phone number that you set up your carrot website with, but we want ours to go to someone else. So we’re going to go ahead and hit edit, and we’re going to change a couple things in here. So again, it tells you which form that we’re working off of, and I want this notification to instead go to… okay. One other thing that you can do that’s pretty awesome is you can add additional fields that will be pulled into the text notification. So for me personally, when we get a lead,

Danielle Moss:

I like to have the date, that way I can go back and timestamp or have it for reference. You may want additional fields as well, and you can go through and pick those. This is now set up, ready to go. One thing that this does not do, not a big deal, there’s a super easy workaround, is you cannot add multiple phone numbers here. So say I want them to go to myself and my acquisitions manager. We actually have to set up two notifications again, super easy, not a big deal. I know this is how I want my form set up, so I’m going to go ahead and copy that. Let me update here. And then we’re going to go back and build a new notification. So we’ll go back to SMS notification, and instead of editing one, we’re actually going to build a new one. We’re going to select the “get an offer today” form that we’ve been working off of, and instead of having to rebuild cell by cell here, I’m just going to go ahead and paste what we built on the last one.

Danielle Moss:

That way it’s the same, and I will add my alternate phone number in here. So now we have the same notification as soon as someone fills out that “get an offer today” form, going to two separate phone numbers, that way both people are aware of the lead and can be working that lead or keeping tabs on what’s going on. Very, very easy. This is so critical, you guys, if you want to win when it comes to converting leads, your response time has to be one of your top priorities. And if you don’t have these notifications set up correctly and you’re not getting to your leads in a timely manner, you’re missing out. So please, go into your carrot site, check your notifications, make sure it’s set up to go to the correct phone number, the right members of your team. That way you can improve that response rate to those prospects. That’s all, guys. Bye.

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