Top 10 Real Estate Investing CRM’s In 2024

What’s the best CRM for real estate investors? Well that’s the question we try to answer here today.

Check out the Leaderboard below, see every CRM’s top features and benefits, vote up your favorite REI CRM, and add one to the list if we’ve missed one.

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  • REsimpli is a simple software that requires NO customization. It empowers you with real-time data to help you make better decisions which means higher net profit.

    REsimpli has a built-in bookkeeping system just for RE Wholesalers. It provides real-time data about your business. Better data means better decisions which means more $$$$ in your pocket. Oh, and you DON’T need any spreadsheets.

    REsimpli is NOT just a CRM but it’s much more. Your entire team from Acquisition Manager, Project Manager, Officer Manager, Bookkeeper can all be using the same system to make your business more efficient.

    REsimpli has a simple to use automated task management system built-in that reminds your team members of any pending task as you move lead or property from one status to another. Team members receive a daily email with their tasks due for the day to keep them focused on what’s most important.

    The #1 Marketing CRM For Wholesalers & Real Estate Investors Ready To Automate Their Business & Close More Deals!

    No Tool Available Provides This Much Value!…Just $49

    The most powerful, yet simple-to-use tool built for investors! Effortlessly market to leads, follow-up & close more deals… Welcome to the future of real estate investing!

    Our Software Turns Leads Into Deals Effortlessly!

    Control Your Sales Pipeline Like A CEO Utilizing The Most Powerful “Multi-Channel” Marketing Sequences & Done-For-You Marketing Campaigns Ever Developed For Real Estate Investors

    Unlimited Websites & Landing Pages

    Getting Your Business Online Has Never Been Easier… Our Powerful Software Let's You Build Beatiful and Optimized Websites With the Click of A Button!

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      1-Click Buildouts

      Choose from one of our professionally designed templates and launch your own website with the click of a button!

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      Easy-to-Use Page Builder

      No complicated coding involved. Easy to use drag & drop editor, so you can customize your websites and funnels however you'd like, or use our "Done for You" templates!

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      Lead Capture & Follow Up

      Your website uses our built-in forms, so your seller leads automatically go into your account and can be placed into any follow up campaign! 

    Pre-Installed Campaigns Built for Investors

    Our next level motivated seller lead campaigns have been developed by veteran investors that have spent thousands of dollars perfecting their follow up process!

    Automated Follow Up Emails & SMS

    Your account will be filled with pre-built follow up campaigns to make sure you don't let any leads slip through the cracks!

    Complete Control

    Want to customize campaigns based on your business needs? Our easy to use automation builder lets you create and tweak any campaign how you like.

    Multi-Touch Marketing

    Now you can schedule and send a text, voice message, email, and live call sequence all on autopilot.

    rei reply software crm


    This is a powerful, simple to use system, and really does it all.


    Up To 66% Of Deals Come From Automated Follow-up Using Our Built-in Out-of-the-Box Text, Email, & Task Follow-up Templates.

    Freedom$oft provides you a 1-click lead getting system (it’s so fast) with real-time, up-to-date data, and seamlessly integrated marketing and conversion tools to help you close deals.

    Everything you need to run your real estate investing business. All in one place.

    Convert more of your leads into deals and build a predictable sales system with the only all-in-one marketing and sales tool kit built for investors like you.

    Keep track of your most important leads with the CRM built for investors

    Are you sending your leads into a leaky sales bucket? Our CRM is built to work with your front-end marketing and sales tools so no lead will ever slip through the cracks ever again.

    Convert more of your leads into deals with REI BlackBook.

    Close 2X more deals from the leads you're already generating. Manage your pipeline, quickly analyze deals, and make more offers.

    Quickly analyze your deals, build itemized rehab estimates, market your deals, and sell your properties for more.

    Build demand for your inventory and fill your vacancies. Market your available inventory, create rental applications, and more.

    The Real Estate Investor & Wholesaling Software To Help You Scale


    We believe that quality software is the game changer for real estate investors

    DealMachine is the highest rated real estate investor software for lead generation on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, with 4.8 average on both stores with over 2000 combined reviews.

    Individually powerful. Together unstoppable. 

    Start with one of DealMachine's software plans:

    Add more plans any time


    Driving for Dollars

    Driving for dollars software to build your own unique list of properties.

    Lowest cost leads, greatest ROI.Mobile Maps
    Real-Time Routes
    Recruit & Manage Drivers
    Smart Property Filters

    Start Driving for Dollars

    Real Estate Investing Lead Lists

    List Builder

    Build real estate lead lists for a flat-fee from county, lender & sales data.

    Faster leads. Requires more marketing.Advanced Filtering & Searching
    Smart Lists
    Drawn Map Lists
    Preforeclosures and more

    Start Real Estate Investor Leads

    All Plans Include:


    Real Estate Data

    Research individual properties and get in touch with accurate data.

    County Records
    Mortgage Balances
    Pre foreclosures

    Learn Real Estate Data

    Batch Skip Tracing

    Skip Tracing

    Dig deeper to find property owner phone numbers & contact info.

    Cell phones
    Connected Status
    Caller ID
    Emails and addresses

    Learn Batch Skip Tracing


    Direct Mail Marketing

    Send direct mail instantly & repeat mailers.

    Customizable design
    Property image
    Ballpoint pen letters
    ROI Tracker

    Learn Direct Mail for Real Estate

    DealMachine Reviews

    FastFlexible. Easy. Welcome To IF3.
    The New Sales System For Real Estate Investors to Systematically Nurture and Close Deals

    Get more responses with proven Text, Email, Voicemail, and Tasks. You'll get a personalized human touch to your leads with friendly messages sent at the right time of day. Watch as your leads start calling YOU back.

    Software for investors, not techies. Now, you can effortlessly work your leads without confusion of "what do I do next?" Complete your "Actions" one step at a time for distraction free work.

    The IF3 interface works the way you work. Create "Labels" with ease to view and sort your opportunities. Make your own "Fields" so you can capture the right information. Plus, our new software has no long load times or lag… time is money!

    Increase contract rates with sellers from personalized emails and call back reminders. Make contact via perfectly timed texts. You'll always be notified when you get a response, so no lead is left behind.

    IF3 is designed for the virtual wholesaler. Use different workspaces for each city you operate in. View your stats and Actions across ALL markets to manage your entire business in one screen.

    Real Estate Investing Organized Visually

    Before Forefront: Leads slipping through the cracks, sellers not being responded to, inconsistent follow up, nothing tracked, out of control. After Forefront: Organized, no lead left behind, every seller communication responded to, automated follow up, everything tracked, in control.

    Visualize your workflow

    Easily customize your lead stages pipeline so that your team always knows what to do next.

    • Easy Drag N Drop functionality
    • Color-coded cards bubble up important leads
    • See where every lead is at-a-glance
    • Ensure tasks are done before progressing

    Automate your follow up

    Benefit from as many as 50%+ more deals with Forefront handling your follow up for you in the background.

    • Drip SMS/Emails/Scheduled tasks
    • Messages automatically personalized
    • Set a year worth of follow up messages within seconds
    • Be at the forefront of the seller’s mind when they are finally ready to sell 

    Track all communication

    Get Forefront phone numbers to track marketing calls, SMS, voicemails, and calls so you know who said what and when.

    • Send/receive calls/SMS messages in Forefront
    • Track your marketing campaigns per phone number
    • Record/listen to call recordings/voicemails
    • See entire communication history for each lead

    One Focus

    While others get bogged down creating and supporting too many features that complicate their system and confuse their customers, we focus on features that improve your ability to turn a lead into a deal. Simple as that.

    Everything we use to find, analyze and close deals in our office everyday is available for our Members. We are leading the charge in the real estate industry for developing cutting-edge online tools to enhance your business.

    • Deal Tracker
    • Email Marketing
    • E-Comps
    • My Website
    • Profit Maximizer
    • CRM
    • Sales Contract Generator
    • Construction Estimator
    • Flyer Generator
    • Rental Property Generator
    • Forms Library

    Gain instant access to discounted property leads in your local area (with the push of a button) before most people know they exist. Within seconds – you’ll have the names, addresses, and contact information for just about every motivated seller in your area at your fingertips.

    Run a quick desktop analysis on any property you come across and know, in minutes, if there’s money to be made (or not). Simply type in the address of a property to automatically determine your projected profits, your maximum allowable offer (MAO), and what your exit strategy should be.

    Once you find a property with profit potential, use the property data provided in the software to make your offer with confidence. You can also follow a prewritten script inside of Realeflow when talking with a seller to establish rapport, eliminate fear, and come to a quick agreement.

    Select “Private Lenders” from the dropdown menu inside of Realeflow to find people who might be interested in funding your next real estate deal. Send out a prewritten direct mail campaign to set a meeting with a potential lender, and use a proven “credibility kit” to walk out of that meeting with the funding you need.

    Use Realeflow to walk through a property once, estimate line-item repairs costs, and generate a custom rehab plan in under 5 minutes … all from your iPad or cell phone. This takes all of the “guesswork” out the equation and allows you to map out your next renovation project from A-Z (no real estate experience or construction knowledge required).

    When your investment property is ready to sell, simply post the address on Realeflow’s active buyer network (or on your pre-built Realeflow website) to attract the right cash buyers or renters to your property. Once you’ve found the right buyer, use the fill-in-the-blank legal documents in the software to keep yourself protected and close the real estate deal with confidence.

    Real Estate Software to help you Buy More Properties

    Download up to 5,000 leads per day of sellers, buyers or lenders. Put your business online with no-tech-required websites or drive for dollars like a Pro with our mobile app.

    Analyze Properties with the Power of the MLS

    All the data you need to make profitable decisions is at your fingertips, self-service 24/7. Simple but powerful – select the properties and we’ll do all the math. When you’re done, print to PDF. It’s really that easy.

    Flexible CRM – built for teams and solopreneurs

    Track your leads from contact to close! Assign leads to team members, delegate tasks, upload documents and collaborate. Customize it to suit your needs or use it out of the box.

    Drive your project forward, successfully

    Podio transforms your project data into one tool to align all content, conversations, and process into one collaboration point.

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