Investor Carrot Review 🥕 Are The Sites Really That Good?

If you’ve been around the real estate investing, wholesaling, or flipping scene for any length of time, you most likely have heard of Investor Carrot 🥕. You can’t even browse BiggerPockets, watch some REI videos on Youtube, or even troll Facebook groups without seeing people talking about their Carrot websites.

So what the heck is Investor Carrot / OnCarrot anyways??

Well, let’s dig in!

Who Am I & Why Should You Listen To Me?

This is a very good question…

Unfortunately, most product reviews you read on the internet are written by people that have NEVER used the product and are left vague and open ended without getting much into the details.

My review will be different, honest, and detailed, in the sense that I plan to go over the good, the bad, & the ugly details of Carrot websites that others won’t talk about.

jason moss real estate investor seo god 300x300 1My name is Jason Moss, co-owner of Moss Technologies REI Marketing Solutions with my wife Danielle, and we help real estate investors with their SEO & marketing. To say we know and understand Carrot websites is an understatement!

Roughly 90% of our customers utilize Carrot’s website platform and we’ve been around for many of their changes as the years have gone by!

It’s safe to say we’re basically inside one of our client’s Carrot accounts all day, everyday!

And yes, we love Carrot 🥕! But I promise to keep this review bias free and show you pro’s & con’s!


Investor Carrot Review: Website, Lead Gen and More…

First off, let’s answer the main question everyone has – What Is Investor Carrot?

Carrot is a self-hosted website platform (built on WordPress) & specifically tailored for real estate investors (& now also real estate agents) to help build clean, flexible, professional, and high converting websites that help them establish brand identity while bringing in more deals and growing their business! 

For the sake of this review, we will be primarily talking about how it helps real estate investors because that’s where our expertise lies.

Carrot really aims to simplify the process of getting a lead capturing website up and running, & as quickly as possible without knowing how to code, set up a hosting server, or install & configure WordPress. Here’s a full review video we just did as well.

what carrot sites do 300x161 1

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In today’s technologically driven market, over 80% of all buying decisions begin with a search engine query. This makes having an effective website and established web presence a top priority for savvy real estate investors.

There’s no free lunch, especially not online.

If you’re not showing up when and where prospective buyers and sellers expect, you can be certain that the competition is.

Quick Overview of Investor Carrot Features:

  • High converting website
  • Integrated lead management
  • SMS lead notifications
  • Built-in live chat and email support
  • Precise campaign tracking
  • SEO optimized features and rank tracking
  • Automated content library
  • Group coaching calls
  • And more…

Investor Carrot Website Templates Review

Website templates offered within Investor Carrot are engineered to perform. Utilizing industry-best conversion methodology, the designs are as beautifully crafted as they are performance-minded.

Combined with a suite of marketing tools and resources, as well as laser-focused campaign tracking, each web template is fixated on making it easy to launch a website that immediately starts bringing in targeted traffic and converting that traffic to red hot leads.

The net result? Perhaps enough closed deals that you can send us a postcard from Cabo.

Building a website is hard…building one that actually PERFORMS is even harder.

There’s a lot of ways to design and build a website, all of which can be time-consuming, frustrating, inconvenient, and in the end, unpredictable.

Investor Carrot aims to eliminate the learning curve, helping real estate investors hit the ground running. Their templates are pre-made based on battle-tested conversion metrics, taking the guesswork out of the design process and offering unprecedented access to high-performing designs right out of the box.

Specializing in the real estate industry, Investor Carrot has data spanning more than 7,000 real estate sites, tapping into that wealth of information to make sure that its subscribers are always armed with the BEST converting and performing design elements, and those that Google ranks on its search engine.

What we Like About the Investor Carrot Website Templates:

  • A beautiful selection of designs
  • Ability to visually customize to fit your brand (no coding needed)
  • Designs based on data-driven performance metrics
  • Built to convert visitors to leads and leads to deals
  • Integrated live chat and email support (no need for third-party tools or subscriptions)
  • SMS notifications built-in for rapid response to leads
  • Lead nurturing
  • Access to the content library (constantly updated, no need to write or buy more content)
  • Built-in (customizable) lead forms
  • Mobile responsive (looks great on a PC or mobile device)
  • Simple integration with email services
  • Simple social media integration
  • Pages optimized for listings
  • Easy to create optimized pictures, videos, sharing features and more for listings
  • Built-in campaign tracking and analytics so you always know which pages are performing the best and where each lead came from
  • Website hosting included
  • Landing page builder included
  • And more…


What we Dislike:

  • We’d like to see more themes be added
  • Advanced users who understand code might yearn for more customization
  • While it’s pretty darn easy to use, all the customizable features might seem a bit overwhelming at first (you have a lot of control if you want it)

Investor Carrot Core Features Reviewed

Carrot Lead Manager

Essentially this is a built-in CRM (customer relationship manager), enabling you to move leads through your sales process and document conversations and other details about them.

What We Like:

  • Simple to use
  • Built into the website itself (convenient)
  • No need to purchase another CRM service or subscription
  • No additional integrations needed
  • Email/SMS notifications for responding to leads faster
  • Search function to quickly find the lead you’re looking for
  • Can coordinate with your teammates
  • Can see lead source (where it came from)
  • Leads enhanced/appended with Zillow data


What We Dislike:

  • Might not be enough for a complex sales cycle
  • Not as customizable or feature-rich as a dedicated CRM
  • Statuses are not customizable and currently only include the following stages: New, Follow Up, Pending, Won, or Dead


Campaign Tracking Links

These enable you to easily identify WHO clicked on the link, where that link was when clicked on (i.e. the source, such as a social media post or listing page), and whether or not that click converted to a lead or other action.

What We Like:

  • Ability to have a clear vision of what’s working and what’s not
  • Easily track high-performing content marketing strategies
  • Accurately attribute performance to certain links
  • Identification of the lead throughout the sales cycle
  • Quickly shows you where to invest more resources for greater ROI


What We Dislike:

  • Content Pro level subscribes only get 15 tracking links

*Advanced Level subscribers get unlimited tracking links

Content Marketing

Content is the fuel that feeds Google, drives ranking, establishes trust and credibility, and drives traffic to take action. When it comes to content marketing, Investor Carrot holds nothing back.

Content Library: Don’t have time to write in-depth, industry-leading content? Need to ‘bulk up’ your site so it isn’t so ‘bare bones’? Gain access to a real estate content library that can be published on your own site.

Pre-Populated Sites: Each template is available with pre-populated content that can be modified to best represent your business, or left ‘as is’.

Content Packs: Freshly written and optimized blog posts that can be scheduled to post to your site each month.

What We Like:

  • Content is one of the costliest and time-consuming aspects of building and maintaining a website. This eliminates both of these challenges.
  • Fresh monthly content to feed Google and drive ranking, earning you more traffic
  • Content SEO optimized to rank


What We Dislike:

  • No control over topics
  • Some overlap with other customers (same content)
  • Content packs only available at the Content Pro and Advanced Marketer service levels


Carrots Integrated SEO Tool & Keyword Tracking

Ensures each page on your site is properly optimized for Google, improving the odds that it outranks the competition online. To measure and track SEO performance, you also have access to keyword tracking.

What We Like:

  • Built-in (no need for other tools)
  • No need for SEO knowledge or coding
  • Easy to edit even for newbies


What We Dislike:

  • Dedicated SEO tools offer more advanced features but may require specialized knowledge to wield properly

Investor Carrot Pricing

If you’ve read this far, you might be thinking that having a Carrot site of your own and pulling in leads on autopilot while you sleep, sounds super awesome… but how much is it??????

Carrot has a monthly plan & a yearly plan (which can save you a ton!) and every pricing level has a different feature set.

investor carrot pricing sheet


Investor Carrot has three unique pricing plans available:

  • Core @ $69/month
  • Content Pro @ $99/month
  • Advanced Marketer @ $199/month

Although the pricing for Investor Carrot is a bit more than ‘generic’ website builders and platforms, the price is well justified in our opinion.

You get a LOT of value tailored specifically to real estate investors. First, you get designs and templates backed by data-driven designs known to convert traffic to leads.

Next, you get a built-in CRM designed to nurture those leads and turn them into more deals. And you get a ton of included marketing tools and resources, including a boatload of web content created to help you rank and earn more traffic.

Not to mention other included tools such as SEO optimization, keyword tracking, social media sharing and more.

Which Plan is Right for You?

While the Core plan lacks some of the bells and whistles, it’s a great starting point to get your feet wet and can always be upgraded later on without you losing your data or website.

Moving to Content Pro offers a LOT of value and is probably the best bet for most investors, including everything in the Core plan PLUS the CRM, VideoPost (transforming videos into blog posts), the automated content library (worth thousands), group coaching calls, more SEO tracking, 13 additional tracking links and TWO additional high converting websites for even more digital property online.

I’ve worked with dozens & dozens of clients over the years and I’d say roughly 60% of users have the mid-tier, Content Pro plan, and 40% have the top of line, Advanced Marketers plan.

Does Investor Carrot Work?

Investor Carrot does what it says on the box. Our experience with the site and tools has been smooth, bug-free, and seems to provide a lot of value.

What we liked the most was that everything seemed to be really well thought out, intuitive and easy to use without wasting much time, and that each feature seemed to compliment the next, offering synergy to produce better results.

Investors we spoke to and those online are saying things like:

*Paraphrased and identities obscured to protect privacy

“Since using Investor Carrot my conversion rates have gone through the roof. The difference between before and now is impressive. I can’t see myself using anything else and wish I’d made the switch sooner” – Steve L.

“With growing importance on site speed and user value with Google, I was impressed at how fast these sites perform. The experience as a visitor is fantastic.” – Adam D.

“Once I really got going with Investor Carrot my websites quickly shot up in ranking and I’ve had a consistent flow of inbound leads ever since. Definitely one of the biggest assets of my business.” – Mike B.

“Since signing up with Investor Carrot I’ve more than doubled my motivated seller leads as compared to my ‘old’ website.” – Tyler F.

“Like clockwork I’ve been getting consistent leads from my Investor Carrot website, resulting in purchasing one of the best deals of my career to date.” – Beau E.

“I’ve been using Carrot for near 5 years with stellar results. The speed of implementation and ease of use are unparalleled, enabling you to start collecting and servicing leads fast.” – Alex M.


According to Investor Carrot

  • The platform has generated more than 1 million+ leads
  • Websites are 68.9% faster than those on WordPress
  • Carrot leads generate 2.5X HIGHER profits than non-carrot leads


The Bottom Line on Investor Carrot: is it worth it?

Investor Carrot is focused on removing the burdensome, time-consuming, and technical aspects of designing and launching a professional real estate investor website.

Focused on serving real estate investors and wholesalers, the entire model and service suite is tailored to the real estate industry and engineered to perform.

Its suite of tools and resources offers a lot of value, and empowers savvy real estate investors to ‘work’ leads in a fast and efficient manner, nurturing prospects from inquiry to closed deals.

Incorporating several tools into the mix, Investor Carrot eliminates the need for subscribing to a separate CRM, rank tracker, SEO tool and more. It also eliminates the hassle and costs associated with content marketing, a major value add and vital for driving rankings on Google.

At the end of the day, Investor Carrot has a lot to offer, and is steadfastly focused on delivering value, driving more leads and improving ROI.

Well worth a look in our book.

BONUS – Two X-Factors To Why You Should Build An Investor Carrot Website


1. Easy To Get Started & Launch Your Website

I’ve launched hundreds of websites over the years so this one is a no-brainer to me.

However, there’s a ton of “DIY’rs” out there looking to save a couple of bucks & try to figure it all out themselves — Trust me this is NOT THE ROUTE YOU WANNA GO!

I’ve seen everything from REI’s building on WIX and Squarespace platforms, to trying to figure out how they can launch a WordPress website on $10/mo hosting.

This will be more headache than you can imagine…

With a Carrot website, you don’t have to worry about finding a good web host, installing WordPress, buying premium themes, installing and configuring several plugins, building forms, writing content, getting a CRM, etc.

It’s all done for you automagically! 


2. Chat Support

This right here is worth your monthly investment 10 fold.

Think about it for a sec…

If you manage to overcome the obstacles laid out in the previous bullet point and you build a website yourself, what happens the first time you have an issue or a problem?

Who do you call?

Who do you get advice from?


With Carrot’s chat support, you always have a friendly representative to help you out. You are actually taken care of and appreciated, rather than just being “another customer” on one of those $10/mo hosting plans.

I’ve chatted with support about some pretty in-depth and technical things, and they’ve always managed to help or at least point me in the right direction.

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