PropStream Review 2024 – Must Read Before Buying!

Are you a real estate investor, broker, agent or other professional looking to take your real estate investment, brokerage, flipping or wholesaling venture to the next level?

You’ve likely heard about PropStream. But is this the software you’ve been missing? The right tool to help you level up in today’s hyper-competitive real estate landscape?

With the type of buzz this software is earning across the web, we thought it prudent to shine some light on this cutting-edge real estate investing software, taking a deep dive into the good, the bad and everything in-between.

You work hard for your money. We’re here to make sure it’s spent on tools that actually produce a strong ROI for you and your business.

With that in mind. Grab a cup of joe or your favorite beverage and let’s get right to it…

PropStream Review – Is PropStream Worth It?

There’s no arguing that the real estate industry has seen a significant transformation over the years. Those investors agile enough to evolve with it have profiteered from unique opportunities while avoiding pitfalls others have fell victim to.

In today’s technologically driven era, the right data, software and intelligence can make the difference between a profitable business decision, and financial disaster.

Real estate investing has become even more competitive, with savvy investors tapping into the power of software and technology to help them make decisions faster, outpacing and outperforming competitors.

One such software empowering investors is PropStream. Touted as the ‘all in one’ solution for real estate investors and professionals, can this software transform the way you invest and do business in real estate?

Let’s find out…

PropStream Review: a quick overview

Made for investors, agents and brokers, PropStream claims to be the ‘Most Trusted Provider of Real Estate Information’. Bold claims.

The software’s goal is to empower real estate professionals with investor tools, data, and marketing solutions to help them get and stay ahead of the competition. By using the software, investors can improve efficiency and identify opportunities to capitalize on faster. This,  combined with built-in marketing tools that bring more motivated buyers and sellers to the table, aims to be the 1-2 punch that savvy investors need to thrive in the market.

PropStream Features and Benefits Reviewed

So what’s under the hood? Let’s take a closer look at the features and benefits of this software.

PropStream Benefits

Streamline and Simply Processes

Getting more done faster is always a good thing. Yet, in real estate, there is often a disconnect between the data we need to make a sound decision and a centralized place or way to analyze it. This typically results in a fragmented and disjointed compilation of information from several sources…an effort that is both time-consuming and inefficient.

PropStream aims to consolidate real estate data from across the United States, offering a singular and centralized hub that houses (pun intended) all of the necessary information required to make intelligent investment decisions.

Cost-Effective All-In-One Solution

Saving investors time is worth its weight in platinum, but there are also significant direct cost-savings to be had as well. Many real estate investors find that they can eliminate several costly subscriptions to data and real estate tools that PropStream makes obsolete. Combined with its efficiency and affordable cost, this is one solution that can have a significant and measurable positive impact on your bottom line.

Data Customized to Fit Your Unique Goals

No two businesses, investors or investment strategies are alike. From wholesalers to investors, landlords, brokers, flippers and more, PropStream can be tailored to provide the right information and the right time for your individual goals.

World-Class Service and Support

Backed by a team of industry thought-leaders and technological mavens, since its inception PropStream has built a reputation on providing superior customer service and support to all of its subscribers. From onboarding and getting started, to time-saving tips and tricks, they have dedicated significant time, energy and resources to make the experience with its software a positive one.


PropStream Features

A Comprehensive Database of Information

Having the right data at the right time is critical for real estate investors. PropStream brings everything you need under one roof, sourcing nationwide data across the USA from MLS records, county recordings, and private data sources to offer one of the most comprehensive (and accurate) real estate data sources available, covering more than 153 million properties.

Examples of Data Include:

  • MLS details (8+ data points)
  • Tax information (7 data points)
  • Mortgage History (6 data points)
  • Property details (7+ data points)
  • Ownership information (6 data points)
  • Nearby comps
  • Sales history (6 data points)
  • And more…
property search
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Property Search Made Easy

Filtering through the ‘noise’ can save you time and frustration. PropStream’s property search feature enables you to search for only those properties meeting your unique investment criteria.

Filter By:

  • Address
  • Parcel number (APN)
  • Geo search on maps
  • County, city or zip code
  • Parcel lines
  • Features
  • And so much more…


Laser Accurate Comp Data at Your Fingertips

ProStream enables you to quickly and reliably evaluate and determine the true worth of a  property. Giving you access to accurate and up to date comp data from local MLS and public records. Pinpoint exact neighborhoods and use enhanced filters to get the most accurate picture.

Filtering Options Include But are Not Limited to:

  • MLS comps
  • County records
  • Flip comps
  • Average days on market
  • Drawing tools
  • Comps reports
  • Neighbor info
  • Layout management
  • And more…
targeted leads
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Targeted Leads: the lifeblood of any business

The days of if you build it they will come are long gone. Today, savvy real estate businesses, agents, brokers, investors, flippers and wholesalers need to toss gasoline on the marketing fire to get results.

PropStream makes generating targeted leads and marketing lists easy. With more than 120+ filters, subscribers can build the ideal lead list (or select from pre-built ‘quick lists’) to find MOTIVATED sellers fast.

A Brief Sampling of Options Includes:

  • Pre-foreclosure filings
  • Public auctions
  • Failed listings
  • On market listings
  • Cash buyers
  • High equity properties
  • Vacant properties
  • HOA and Mechanic’s leans
  • Free and Clear properties
  • Bankruptcy Filings
  • Flippers
  • Divorce filings
  • Pre-probate (deceased data)
  • Flippers
  • Senior owners
  • And more…


Tap Into the Power of List Automator® Lead Automation

Creating a list of highly targeted leads is one thing. Effectively managing a large database of leads is a whole different beast altogether.

With PropStream, managing leads is made easier, more efficient and effective with its trademarked ‘Automator’ tool. This feature automates lead hygiene (scrubbing bad leads and validating contact information) to make sure you’re limited time is spent on only those leads meeting your ideal market avatar.

They even offer data appending to any ‘old’ lists you may have built prior to subscribing with PropStream. Just import your data and let PropStream automatically do the rest.

Easily Connect with Property Owners

Let’s say you found the perfect property. What’s next? Getting in touch with the owner of course. But who has time for digging that information up online? Not us, and likely not you either. PropStream facilitates connecting with the property owner, using BUILT-IN SKIP TRACING to provide both phone and email addresses (when available) for the property owner. For those who like to send postcards, there is even an owner address feature.

Laser-Focused Marketing Campaigns

You’ve built up your ideal lead lists. Now it’s time to market to them. No longer will you struggle with switching between disjointed and disconnected marketing systems to ‘patch’ together with a campaign. PropStream has built-in marketing features that empower you and your team to engage with property owners in a meaningful way, generating new business and opportunities like clockwork.

Options Include Targeting Via Channels Such as:

  • Postcard generator
  • Email marketing
  • And more

Easily create campaigns, design landing pages to convert more visitors, create postcards, skip trace, manage lists and more. All in one centralized hub.

Put Together Your Dream Team

Getting the most from your business means having the right people in place to help you succeed. With ProStream, you can easily add valued team members, giving them access to run comps for you, evaluate properties and handle other tasks assigned within the system.

Granular permission settings ensure that each contractor or employee only has access to the ‘need to know’ information you want them to have.

Capabilities Include:

  • Adding property scouts
  • Adding team members
  • Setting permissions
  • Accesibility on mobile deviecs
  • Assign properties to certain teammates
  • Add status tags so you always know where a property is in your research or investment cycle
  • And more…

Take the Guesswork Out of Estimating Rehab Costs

Estimating rehabilitation costs for any property can be a daunting and stressful task. One wrong move could end up costing you big. But get it right, and you will reap the rewards. Take out the guesswork of rehab estimates with PropStream’s Rehab Estimator tool that helps you better understand the scope of the rehab, including material and labor costs GEO specific to that location.

estimated rehab costs with propstream
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Trends and Analytics: embrace the power of big data

An informed decision is a better decision. Period. PropStream provides investors with a wealth of information, data, analysis and trends spotting capabilities aimed at helping them keep pace in any market.

Features Include:


  • Analysis Reports
  • Cash Flow Reports
  • Rehab Estimates
  • Comps Reports
  • Complete Market Analysis (CMA) Report
  • View Property Deeds (available for purchase)
  • View Mortgage Documents (available for purchase)
  • County Assessor’s Maps (available for purchase)


  • Estimated Value
  • Heat Map Overlays
  • MLS Stats
  • Rental Values
  • Price Growth
  • Neighborhood Statistics
  • Monthly Rent Change
  • Monthly Price Change
  • Average Days on Market
  • New Sales
  • New Listings
  • New Delinquencies

Equity & Values

  • Estimated Equity
  • Estimated Rental Income
  • Estimated Property Values
  • Growth Rates

Mobile App

The power of the entire PropStream software in the palm of your hand. At home or on the go, PropStream’s mobile app, compatible with both iOS and Android devices provides the user with everything they need no matter where they’re doing business.

propstream mobile app
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What is PropStream Pricing?

Ok, so how much is this gonna cost me???

Surprisingly, PropStream has an interesting price structure that makes it highly affordable as well as customizable to fit your unique use case. Apart from a value-based core subscription package, savvy real estate professionals can ‘add on’ other services as needed.

Core Subscription: $99/month

  • This gets you all the bells and whistles

Optional Add-Ons:

  • List Automator: starting at $27/mo
  • Team Member: starting at $20/mo

Marketing Tool Add-ons:

  • Professional Postcards: as low as 0.40c each
  • Skip Tracing: 12c each
  • Ringless Voicemail: 10c each
  • Emails: 2c each

propstream 7 day trial

PropStream Free Trial – what’s the deal?

It’s always refreshing to see a company stand behind its product with a NO RISK-free trial offer. This gives the subscriber (you) a chance to run the system through its paces to make sure it’s a good fit.

While some competitors offer NO free trial or a short 3-day window to test things out, PropStream gives you a generous full 7-days to access the system and see if it’s a good fit.

So, Is PropStream Worth It?

So what’s the bottom line here? Is PropStream really worth it?

Value is always in the eyes of the beholder, but if you’re a real estate professional, be it an agent, broker, investor, flipper, wholesaler or other professional, PropStream makes a good case for its use.

What we like most about the software is the centralized hub that handles a broad range of tasks that otherwise we’d need multiple subscriptions and disjointed platforms to achieve.

Having all the data and tools in one place, from analysis and comps to marketing and lead generation, saves a boatload of time, energy, resources, and honesty…frustration.

For example, on average its costs upwards of $200-$300 per location per year in MLS fees PER STATE!!! Further, most states require licensure to gain access to the MLS.

Lead lists, data appending, lead generation??? From hundreds to thousands of dollars PER LIST.

As you can see, even looking at replacing just 1-2 services or tools you stand to save BIG going with PropSteam.

PropStream Competitors – worth exploring?

Potential competitors worth comparing include:


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