Investor Carrot Tip #3 🥕 Don’t Leave 100% Stock Content On Your Website

Don’t just run a 100% stock Investor Carrot website! IC gives you a giant head start but you’re going to want to change it up and add lots of unique images, text, graphics, etc.

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Jason Moss:

What’s up, everybody? Jason Moss here. Today’s video, this is tip number three on our Investor Carrot Tip series. All right. And today’s video, we’re going to be going over how to change your stock content on the website and why that is so important. Don’t just launch an Investor Carrot Website and leave it completely bone stock with all their content. You need to change that up. My wife is going to go over everything with you, show you how to do different things and why it’s so important as well. But before we get into that, remember, there’s two things that you need to do, and the links are in the description below.

Jason Moss:

First off, if you don’t have an Investor Carrot Website, use our link in the description below. Sign up, send us the receipt, we’ll give you access to our bonuses and also get into our Facebook group. This is an Investor Carrot fans Facebook group specifically for everything Investor Carrot website stuff, tips and tricks, design tips, how to build certain things in the Gutenberg block editor, how to drop scripts, chat widgets, set up notifications, everything you need to know. And of course things like SEO, the really important stuff. All right. But yeah, get into the group, and enough of me talking. Let’s hop into the video.

Danielle Moss:

Hey Investor Carrot fans. Today, we’re going to kick it up a notch, and we’re going to do something that only probably 1% of you will actually take the time to do. It’s going to set you apart from your competition, and that’s eliminating some of the stock content and imagery on your website and making it more personal. Remember, people want to connect and do business with other people. They don’t want to connect with a business. So adding just a little bit of personalization to your Carrot site is going to go a long way when it comes to prospects landing on your page.

Danielle Moss:

Let’s talk about this bad example first. Here in St. Charles County, Missouri, where we’re located, you will never see a house that looks like this. This style is out of place, the architecture, the roof type. You will not see a single house here that looks like this. Instead, what we should do is go to Canva or another free stock image site and find a home or a picture of a community that looks more like our local market. That way, when a prospect comes to our page, it looks like we’re here in the local area. Whereas if they see this, maybe it feels like we’re out of the actual local community, and it feels removed.

Danielle Moss:

Then going down the homepage, you don’t see any images about us or anything that really makes it warm and fuzzy. By adding a personal image, maybe a quote or adding some personal content in this top paragraph, it’s immediately going to have more of a personal connection to your prospect. Those are two quick, easy changes to the homepage. Just replace that stock photo and add a personal image of yourself. That’ll quickly make this more warm and more relatable.

Danielle Moss:

The second thing I would focus on is our company page. This is a big one. This is where most prospects go to do a little bit of research on you. Whatever you do, make this about you, pictures of yourself, pictures of your family, pictures of your team, anything that you’re into, any charities that use the port, anything you do for your local community. Maybe you have a three-legged wonder dog named Hank that goes along with you to every home that you take a look at. Whatever it is, bring that personality into this about page. It doesn’t have to be strictly about business. It can be about you personally. Again, it allows that person to connect with you on a personal level versus that business level. It also increases the chances of them feeling more comfortable to reach out to you and have that interaction, human to human.

Danielle Moss:

Freshen up this page. Talk about yourself. Get rid of some of the generic content. We’ve got a great example for you guys. Check out Covenant Home Buyers. We’ve got Corey, Mark, and Travis, great little team photo up here. Little bit about them, who you’ll work with, and what their experience is. These are super easy changes that can take a matter of 15 to 20 minutes on your website that really go a long way again when prospects are looking and making a decision whether or not to reach out to you. Doesn’t have to be complicated. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Look at how simple and clean this page is, but how much more warm and personal it is versus something like this. Freshen up that stock content on your homepage, add a picture of you on your homepage, and then add a little personalization to your our company page, and you will stand out from that competition.

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