Investor Carrot Tip #7 🥕 Credibility Elements Help Get More Leads

Credibility = Trust = Conversions! It’s as simple as that but it’s often overlooked or you might not know how to implement it. Adding some simple “credibility elements” to your Carrot site can really help drive conversions and build that trust you so desperately need to close the deal!

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Jason Moss:

What’s up everybody? Jason Moss here. Today, we have another Investor Carrot tip for you. And this is on how and why you should be adding credibility factors to your website. This would be things like a BBB logo, Facebook reviews, Google reviews, even different news sites or publications that you might’ve been listed on or mentioned in, like a Forbes article or a news site, like ABC, Fox, something like that. Those are all credibility factors that people can relate to. And they associate that trust and credibility with those sites, with your brand as well.

Jason Moss:

All right. So we’ll get into that in a second. But before we do that, remember, there’s two things do you need to do. If you do not have a Carrot website yet, please use our link in the description below. All right? If you use our link, send me the receipt afterwards and we’ll get you access to our bonuses.

Jason Moss:

Also, the other thing you should do is jump into our Facebook group. This is for Investor Carrot fans, anybody that has an Investor Carrot website. We have a Facebook group specifically for everybody. Okay. And if you watch videos one through four, you probably saw, because that was a couple of weeks ago that we had about 14, 15 members in there at the time when we just launched it. We’re now up to about 151 members. Okay? So it is growing every single day. We have a lot of great conversations going on in there. All right. So use that link in the description below, but let’s hop into the content.

Danielle Moss:

Let’s talk about building credibility on your website. That way, when a prospect does come to your site, they instantly trust you and your brand. There are three easy ways to do this. And I’m going to show you what they look like. First off, we call this a credibility bar. It shows different places that your company has been featured or featured in, where you’re highly rated, et cetera. So as you can see, these are big names that people instantly recognize: google BBB, Facebook, Time, Forbes, et cetera. Take those logos and have a credibility bar on your website.

Danielle Moss:

For Christopher Ellyn Homes, they actually have this front and center to instantly build that trust as soon as you land on at their site. Another great example is Covenant Home Buyers. Again, another credibility bar here. This one’s really clean, all white logos. But it’s names that a prospect will instantly recognize and trust and feel confident in potentially reaching out to you.

Danielle Moss:

The next way to build credibility is by featuring your reviews. We like to do this specific page for our clients. We call it a reviews page. The great thing about it is it pulls in reviews across multiple platforms. As you can see, all of the reviews here from Google and Facebook, Yelp, we’ve got some Trustpilot, everywhere that there is a review out for this client is pulled through to this page. So it’s easy for a prospect to find this page, read through and be overwhelmed by all the amazing reviews out there, and instantly gain trust, again, with you and your brand.

Danielle Moss:

The last way is to be transparent, to come through your website as a genuine person. Cory does a great job with that here on Covenant’s site. He shows a lot of pictures of themselves, has a funny little video and cartoon, pictures of his team, his office. It’s really easy to go to Cory’s site and then remember him even after you’re off the site. That highly increases your chance of doing business with someone. Once they build that trust, they see that you’re a real person and they remember your brand.

Danielle Moss:

If you guys want to know specifically either how to get featured in some of the publications that we show in the credibility bar, how to build a custom reviews page, or any tips on being more transparent throughout your site, let us know down in the comments and we’ll send you a specific training on that. But we highly encourage you to take these three steps: credibility bar, the reviews page, and a little transparency to your own website to build that online trust.

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Jason Moss
Jason Moss

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