Investor Carrot Tip #5 🥕 Install A Chat Widget ASAP!

If you’re not running a chat widget on your site, you DEFINITELY NEED TO! There’s a ton of website visitors that prefer to text or chat instantly, rather than fill out a form and wait for someone to contact them. Every site that we have implemented this on (ours & clients), it just flat out works!

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Jason Moss:

What’s up everybody. Jason Moss here. Today, we have another Investor Carrot tip for you for all my real estate investors out there. This is on how to install your chat widget and why you need one in the first place. Okay. But before we get into that, remember we have links in the description below. If you do not have a Carrot website, use the link in the description. That is our link. Send me the receipt after you’re done. And we’ll get you signed up for our bonuses free of charge.

Jason Moss:

Also, the link for the Facebook group is in there. Okay. This is for our investor carrot Facebook group. All right. Where we talk about everything on SEO, how tos, design functions, how to drop scripts, how to do just about everything. Okay. If you remember, if you saw one of our very first videos, videos one through four, we had about 15 members in there at the time when we launched. We’re now up to, it looks like 151 members in the Investor Carrot group. So get in there, join us. We have a lot of great conversations going on in there as we speak. But let’s get into the video on this chat widget.

Danielle Moss:

Investor Carrot fans. Let’s go ahead and install a chat widget on your website today. This is so easy and such an impactful tool for your business. Obviously, you know the benefits of having chat on a website. It makes you more connected to people. It makes it easier for prospects to reach out to you. So many people prefer a chat feature versus having to make a phone call because it allows them to stay in control of the situation from the comfort of their phone or home. And it’s just a more comfortable way for a prospect to reach out to you. We also live in a day and age of instant gratification. People don’t want to wait for a response on an email. They want to talk and they want information now. So let’s get that chat widget installed on your site. First of all, once you’re logged in, we’re going to be working on your settings tab.

Danielle Moss:

We’re going to be getting a code from the chat widget that you decide to use and putting it down in your footer scripts. So once we get that code, this is where we’re going to be going. Fun fact, the footer actually loads after your website. So by putting this code in your footer, it doesn’t cause any impact to your load speed. So you can keep your website loading fast, which we know Google loves for ranking. So when it comes to chat features, there are several out there. A couple that we personally have used and liked talk to is a great one. We also have used Olark, but for today’s purposes, we’re going to be using our own chat widget that we offer our clients with our CRM. But it doesn’t matter which one you’re using. You will eventually end up at a point like this, where you see the code on your page that you’re going to need to copy to paste into your footer.

Danielle Moss:

So just go ahead. Usually you can cheat and just hit copy code, or you can do a manual copy. Pop over to your footer section, go ahead and paste that code and hit safe. Guys, that is it. You now have chat live on your website, ready to go for prospects to get in touch with you. Talk about a huge tool and a quick way to start getting more prospects into your hands. Go add it to your website. You’ll see what it looks like. Let me show you. There you go. Chat right there. Ready to go. Drop a comment below. Let us know when you get this installed. So that way we can keep popping off some more tips for you guys.

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