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What’s up, everybody? Jason Moss here, today’s video, I have another Investor Carrot tutorial video for you. And as you can see on the screen, we are building a landing page today. All right. And I’m going to show you exactly how to build this landing page here. So when you’re doing your PPC, Google, or Facebook ads, you can send your traffic to a landing page. You don’t have any other options for people to click and get off your landing page.

They really have two options. They either call you or they fill out your form so you get their information. So very, very simple. But let’s hop into the video and I’ll show you how to make this. So, as you can see, we’re on our demonstration site that we’ve been using in the last couple of videos and we’re on the dashboard page now. What we want to do is come over to content because this is content. This is going to be a page on your website.

OK, once this loads up, you’re going to see down here that we have landing pages right below pages. Now with pages, you can build a page and you can eliminate the header, you can eliminate the sidebar. And there’s even an option to eliminate the footer, but it doesn’t eliminate the footer completely. It still leaves a lot of it in there. And a lot of times I just want that all gone. OK, so if we click on their landing pages option here, they actually have some templates already in here for us.

OK, so we can go through here and we can look at these two. But let’s just add a new one, because I want to show you how this works. And you can see that they have eight different landing page templates here for us. OK, and you know, you can pick one every one you like. Obviously, you can change it and edit them, customize them. So let’s just enter a name here. Test landing page.

All right. And. I believe, yeah, they give us different options, you can click on the demo, you can view these, you can play around with them whatever you want to do. I’m a fan of simplicity. OK, the simpler, the better. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to click on this centered squeeze page. All right, I’m not even going to do the demo and we hit the Generate Landing Page down here, I’m going to build this out for you, something very easy, very nice and neat.

And once the page loads, you’ll see everything here for us, just our standard builder. If you see this this little alert here about converting to classic containers in this page only, go ahead and do that because you’re converting the classic into the visual blocks and that’s what we want to do. So it gets rid of that as well. Everything’s converted now, as you can see here. This is the title of the page that we may test landing page.

This will not actually be on your landing page. OK, now this is what is on your landing page at the moment. OK, and we can go ahead. We’ll hit a preview here. This will pop open a new window. I like to always have the preview open so you can kind of go back and forth, keep it in preview. If you have dual screens or just a big ultra wide, really make those come in handy for doing stuff like this where you need the multiple windows.

So as you can see, we have the title here or the call to action, whatever you want to call arrows. And then there’s no form here, no phone? No, we have some share buttons. So obviously we need to change this up. All right. So as we come here, the first thing I like to do is I like to get rid of these share icons. Like this is a landing page. No one is going to share this landing page, so let’s just get rid of them over here.

On the right hand side, we have the social buttons. So I’m just going to click on social sharing buttons and that is gone. OK, and over here we have the form. OK, so they have the built in form. This is a little bit different than when you’re building a page. They don’t have this option, so it’s a little different. But if we select the form, we’ll just select their. There’s standard form here. And then if we hit preview.

It’s going to regenerate this page here. Refresh it. And you’ll see there we go, we have everything is the same, but now the forms on that page. OK, so now it’s starting to look like a landing page. OK, but let’s change it up even more. All right. So what we can do, we can just click in here and we can edit this out first. Just type for demonstration purposes. Please opt in to my form.

All right. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to put that on a landing page, but we’re just having fun with it. With this image here, we can play around with it. We can make it smaller. We can keep these arrows if we want. We can take them away. That’s up to you. Now, if you go back to that preview page, you’ll notice that the title is here. And a lot of times these forms have a description on them as well.

OK, I did I was playing around with this last night and I noticed when you select the form using their form selector here, I guess you could call it, you don’t have the option to block that description or the title of the form. So I’m going to put this on none. All right, and I’m going to enter the form myself, because I’ll show you what happens when we use the blocks. OK, we’ll type in form. Because we want a form block, you’ll see it pops it in there.

Let’s just get that same exact one again. All right, and we see this title here, maybe we don’t want the title showing on the right hand side, we have form title form description and we can block those out. So it’s just the form itself. OK, so we got rid of that, which is awesome. And on my landing pages, I like to put some credibility factors. Now you can put whatever you want, you can put some testimonials, some reviews, you can put some icons.

You can do a lot of different things, obviously, that inless to your imagination. Right. What I like to do. Let’s do this real quick. Let’s. Let’s add we’re going to add. A column here, because I’m going to add three pictures. OK, so where is columns, there’s columns. OK, so we’ll add a column here. And you saw it put it up up above. No worries, we’ll fix that. We’ll do the three column if you come over here, if you click inside of it now, you don’t want to click like one of the columns, OK, but click like in between it.

So we’re selecting like the whole block. We’re going to hit this down arrow. And it’s going to move it below because it’s block by block by block, right, so you just move in it know you’re stacking these blocks. That’s how you got a view inside your head. OK, so we’ll click on this one. We’re going to add an image to it. We’re going to click on Media Library because I already uploaded these, so once this pops up, we come over here, we hit media library and we’ll add this one here.

The Google my business will select. You don’t really need to worry about any settings over here unless you want to do some extra stuff. We’ll click on this next one, we want to enter an image in there. We’re going to do the same thing, media library. We’ll do the BBB one here in the middle. And then last but not least. On the right hand side will hit media library one more time. We’ll do the Facebook. OK, so now a select now we have the Google, my business, BBB and Facebook right below it.

Now what you see on this screen is what’s going to show up on the preview. But it might be slightly different because, you know, we’re in an editor right now. It’s not live mode. So let’s just hit preview again and kind of refresh this and see how it looks. All right. And you can see here in the live, you these images are much bigger. Than what they appear over here, OK, which is perfectly fine.

I like this a lot. I like how this is bigger. This looks perfectly fine to me. So if we come back over to the Ed, one thing is you’re a company driving business to this landing page, right? So when someone lands on this, you kind of want to mirror back to them who the brand was. You want to remind them that this is the brand. Right. So I’m going to click. Let’s let’s do this.

We’re going to add a block down here. We’re going to do image, all right. Remember, we didn’t do a column here, so it’s not going in the column is just going to be a big image. And we’re going to go to media library. I’m going to grab a logo. Now, this isn’t the logo for this site, but I’m just grabbing a logo now. I’ve grabbed that logo. I do want to make it centered.

OK, so not centered, but I want it at the top. Now, remember, these are stacked by blocks, right? So we have this selected. We’re going to hit up arrow moves up one. Moves it up again. We’re going to do it again, and now we’re at the top. OK, now if we hit preview, you’ll notice that this is this is giant, it’s way too big, right? So come back over to edit and we’re going to just shrink this up a little bit.

So we just grab that. Very, very simple. Make that logo much, much smaller. OK, so when someone lands on this page, they see, yeah, this is this is exactly who was serving me the ad, you know, the Pepsi or the the Facebook ad. This I know I’m in the right place. I’m going to give my information to them. So if we hit preview again, let’s just see what it looks like.

All right. Perfect. It looks awesome. So we got the logo at the top. We have a little call to action here. Obviously, you’re going to want to change that up. Still have the arrows there. Made them a little smaller. We got the form and some credibility signals here. Let them know that we are five star review on GNB on Facebook. Baby looks looks awesome. Very, very, very simple landing page. So obviously you can you can do whatever you want with it.

You can put a picture of yourself on it. You can put a lot more information at the bottom, maybe a whole lot more testimonials, reviews, whatever you want to do. Really, if you do put a lot more content below something like this, you know, you can always put the form at the bottom as well. So you have that form on there twice. You can also add your business phone number to this. So that’s really up to you.

You can change the form and put it here inside of it, or we can just put it in the text so you could do something like call us at Phi Phi Phi Phi Phi Phi Phi Phi Phi Phi. Right now we want this obviously bigger. So let’s highlight this. And this is in paragraph. That’s why it’s smaller. So let’s make it a heading and we’ll make it an H2 because this top one is in each one now. We want it centered, right.

So we put it like that. So this is an H1 one, as you can see. This is an age two, so that’s why it’s a little bit smaller now, Ukko, people out there that understand what’s going on, you might be like, well, why would you want your age want to be that or to to be that? Well, look, this isn’t an age I won’t even recommend recommend having this being indexed, which it’s a whole nother thing.

We haven’t even talked about the seal on this page. You don’t really need to worry about the seal because this is a landing page. Now, I would change the title a little bit because some people are going to see the title so you can put something in there. OK, but you don’t really want this index, so you come over to visibility here at the bottom and just turn indexing to no index. All right. So that won’t mess up your SEO.

You know, this really isn’t going to. Rank and be out there any ways you don’t really want Larry pages ranking. OK, so that’s how you make a landing page in investor care? Very, very simple. If you guys have questions, let me know. I’m always happy to help, but I will see you guys in the next video. Thanks.

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